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Head of Syrian army after alleged airstrikes: Israel working with ISIS and al-Qaida

When I posted at Atlas about these apparent Israeli airstrikes in Syria earlier today, I said that they were most likely intended to stop weapons shipments to Hizballah. This report confirms that: “According to foreign reports the attack targeted a warehouse of advanced S-300 missiles, which were en route from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon.&#…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

Photo of Obama working on amnesty speech draws snark [photos]

“Kneel before Zod.”
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Mom Gives Birth to Healthy Quintuplets, Parents Still Working on Baby Names

A mother in Texas is now the proud mom of five brand spanking new babies — the first set of quintuplets delivered at Baylor University’s hospital. The parents are now working on names for the little ones. Michelle Seals gave birth to four daughters and one son on Tuesday and they are all in good […]…

It’s. The. Idiocy. Ludicrous WH ‘pen + phone is working’ claim crushed with one tweet

What new idiocy is coming from the White House today? Oh, just this from White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz: pen+phone is working MT: @BostonGlobe Car dealer Ernie Boch Jr.will raise the pay of his min wage workers to $ 10.10 ow.ly/ufTH0— Eric Schultz (@Schultz44) March 06, 2014 Oh really? Hey, buddy, sneering jackassery + [&#8230…
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A Democratic Congresswoman Just Actually Called for Unemployment Benefits to be Distributed to ‘Working Men & Women’

TheBlaze.com – Stories

‘I love working at Walmart’: The people Big Labor won’t tell you about

Union protesters are reportedly being paid to strike at Walmart stores today as prog slacktivists tweet outrage at The Man from their iPhones. One guy from the Local 7 says he's being paid to protest Walmart today. Yet to meet a single walmart employee. #copolitics— Kelly Maher (@okmaher) November 29, 2013 But what’s this? Some [&#…
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Snort-worthy Salon: Right will face ‘moral conundrum’ when O-care starts working

Suffering from a ragin’ case of the Mondays? Need a little pick-me-up? Leave it to Salon’s Brian Beutler to brighten your day: The moral conundrum facing right-wing extremists when Obamacare starts to work slnm.us/YGbTcrD— Salon.com (@Salon) November 25, 2013 “Moral conundrum”? Aching. Sides. ACHING. Check this out —…
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One day after HHS touted Obamacare data hub as example of ‘what’s working,’ guess what’s down

Yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services was touting the Obamacare data hub as one of the “success stories” of the launch so far. HHS also referred to the data hub as the “backbone” of the health insurance marketplace.

No, ‘white people’s EBT’ isn’t working either; Xerox ‘glitch’ blamed for 17-state shutdown

Obviously no, there’s no feature of an EBT card that indicates race, but a few Twitter trolls quickly popped up to posit the idea during today’s blackout of the EBT processing system in 17 states.

Pig Maher: Herman Cain ‘likes working with Fox team, particularly some of them fine-ass white women’

Predictably, Obama’s million dollar man Bill Maher just couldn’t resist cracking a disgusting racial joke about Herman Cain joining Fox News as a contributor.

What, were the “Uncle Tom” slurs already played out?