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Team of Ebola education workers murdered in Guinea; eight dead

Bodies were found in a village latrine.
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Abby Johnson’s Ministry Has Helped More Than 100 Abortion Clinic Workers Quit

There are a number of ways of stopping abortions — whether it’s legislation, with prayer, pregnancy centers providing positive alternatives, pro-life groups working to close abortion clinics or what former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic manager Abby Johnson is doing. Johnson is working to help abortion clinic staffers quit their job…

National Association of Social Workers Faces Criticism for Promoting Abortion

In the Issues statement of Family Planning and Reproductive Choice, the National Association of Social Workers endorses abortion stating:

[…]Social workers […] have a professional obligation to work […] to establish, secure funding for, and safeguard family planning and reproductive health programs, including abortion services […]

If a social worker doesn’t not want to promote, secure funding for or “safeguard” abortion in America, NASW claims the don’t have to, but they must then tell clients that they offer “limited” services and then find clients someone who will offer to connect them with abortion services.

Campaign Warns Abortion Clinic Workers: “Don’t Let Your Job Put You in Prison”

Delaware Right to Life has erected six billboards this autumn, one directly across the street from the Wilmington Planned Parenthood.

The billboards give a simple but sobering message to abortion clinic workers: “Don’t let your job put you in prison.”

This message is ripe in a state where two former Planned Parenthood employees testified earlier this year about health violations and inappropriate behavior by an abortionist they observed at their clinics.

Treasury Investigator Makes Stunning Discovery About IRS Workers and Their Taxes

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Would the IRS notice if 5 percent of your employees owed a sum total of millions in back taxes?

According to a report released Wednesday, they seem to have missed just that in their own house.

A Treasury investigator says nearly 700 people who work for Internal Revenue Service contractors owe $ 5.4 million in back taxes, which is about 5 percent of all IRS contract workers.

News flash: It’s not just fast food workers who make less than $15 an hour

The nation’s fry cooks will presumably head back to work Friday without that raise they demanded in a series of rallies and walkouts across the nation Thursday. President Obama certainly doesn’t care about the working poor: if he had his way, he’d force them to work for only $ 9 an hour rather than the $ 15 they need to survive.

Postal Workers in Canada Have to Worry About More Than Dogs: Hawk Attacks on the Rise (Again)

We seem to think that a postal worker’s biggest enemy on the job is an unleashed dog. But some mail carriers in Canada have added another animal to their work hazard list: hawks.

hawk postal workers

Hawk attacks on postal workers have been a problem in Calgary suburbs for the last few years. (Photo: Shutterstock.com)

Postal workers in Calgary, Canada, have been facing hawk attacks for a few years now. In fact, two years ago workers were being attacked frequently enough that some wore helmets and mail delivery was eventually suspended.

Still more employers cut workers

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi famously said of Obamacare: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what’s in it.

Nearly three years later, many Americans are beginning to discover