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Many minorities don’t get support to keep their babies, former clinic worker says

From a former abortion clinic worker, Rayna Rapp, who is still pro-choice: Many minority women, even if they are not poor, cannot count on support for their pregnancies, and pregnancy related decision-making, from their healthcare providers. Frankie Smithers, an African-American schoolteacher, told me that when she got her positive pregnancy te…
Live Action News

Clinic Worker: We’d Put Aborted Babies in Jars and Watch Their Arms and Legs Float

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — On March 3, Live Action published an article about Kathy Sparks,  a former abortion clinic worker who became pro-life. In this article, I will discuss what led to her quitting her job at the abortion clinic. In her work at the abortion clinic, Kathy Sparks handled the bodies of aborted babies […]…

Hobby Lobby President Apologizes, Pledges to Carry Jewish Holiday Items After Blogger Claims Worker Said They Don’t ‘Cater to You People’

The popular craft store chain Hobby Lobby has apologized after a blogger lambasted the company for not carrying Jewish merchandise.

In an interview with the Associated Press, company president Steve Green said that stores near large Jewish populations in New York and New Jersey will likely soon begin carrying various items starting this November.

“We do not have any problems selling items that celebrate Jewish holidays,” Green said. “We have in the past and have decided we would try it again in some of the markets where we have Jewish population.”

MSNBC wants to know if you stand with SEIU on doubling fast food worker wages

Something like that could be the end result of a push that would increase the minimum wage of fast food workers to $ 15 an hour (twice the current minimum wage in some areas).

MSNBC seems eager to help the SEIU push such a wage increase: