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‘What in the blue hell’? IRS boss weighs in on whether or not Lois Lerner beat her dog

How ridiculous was the IRS chief’s latest testimony? This ridiculous.
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Liberal or conservative? Gene Simmons weighs in on big government (and the Illuminati)

Gene Simmons is a patriot who never hesitates to share his love of America and support for troops and vets. The KISS legend is vocal on many issues, but his positions leave many wondering just where he stands politically. Simmons has praised everything from Mitt Romney’s qualifications on the economy to Common Core standards. And while [&#82…
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Delaware: Supreme Court weighs constitutionality of public housing gun restrictions

The Delaware Supreme Court is weighing whether a Wilmington Housing Authority policy restricting the ability of public housing residents to carry firearms violates the state constitution.The justices heard arguments Wednesday after a federal appeals court asked for clarification on whether Delaware’s constitution allows the housing authority to pro…

Finally! Miss Alabama weighs in on NSA controversy

We don’t know what Brent Musberger’s position is on the issue of NSA snooping, but if he’s against it, this might be enough to change his mind.

As for the Miss USA competition itself, the results are in: