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Site Visualizer is a website crawling tool that visualizes a website’s structure.

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‘Minor oversight’: Sen. Mark Pryor accidentally pimps his opponent’s website [pic]

If he’s elected to the U.S. Senate in November, Arkansas Rep. Tom Cotton may want to buy a beer for his Dem opponent, Sen. Mark Pryor. Pryor held a press conference today to speak out against Cotton’s views on Medicare … and wound up pimping Cotton’s campaign website. Whoops: Mark Pryor uses placard at press […] Twitchy » US Politics

California Residents Learn Obamacare Headaches Don’t End Once You’ve Finally Made It Past the Website

“I can’t imagine this is how President Obama wanted it to happen.”

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Writer for Far-Left Website Finally Comes Out and Says It: ‘Why You’re Wrong About Communism’

“…we could expect an approach to communism beginning here and now to be far more open, humane, democratic, participatory and egalitarian than the Russian and Chinese attempts managed.”

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Christian School Suspends Teacher After Nude Photo Surfaces on ‘Revenge Porn’ Website

“…were made available without her knowledge or consent.”

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Do HealthCare.gov developers feel better now that Walmart website has crashed?

There’s a slight difference.
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‘Best Twitter follow’: Pat Sajak solves the Obamacare website puzzle with giggle-worthy fix

Get in line, sister.

Maybe that can be part of Obama’s “rebranding.” Deadline? November 31.

Will the toaster still be loyal?


Wheel of Boom! Pat Sajak unleashes one hell of a HealthCare.gov tweet

Pat Sajak knows the deadline for HealthCare.gov to be fixed

Full Twitchy coverage of Pat Sajak

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‘Simple. Perfect. Brilliant’: @MyCancellation launches an ‘Obamacare website that works’ [pics]

As Twitchy has reported, insurance cancellation letters are the only thing many Americans get to “keep” with the launch of Obamacare. Millions of additional cancellations are likely.

MyCancellation.com is a new Tumblr devoted to collecting health insurance cancellation notices and stories from Obamacare’s victims.

The Independent Women’s Voice project is already more successful than Obamacare was on day one.

Even pesky Twitter “glitches” couldn’t hold back the flood of cancellation letters.

@MyCancellation is no longer suspended. Here’s a taste of what you’ll find on the Tumblr and Twitter feed:

Check out MyCancellation.com and follow @MyCancellation. Unlike HealthCare.gov, you shouldn’t have any trouble loading it up in your browser.

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‘Is that how leadership works’? Joe Biden on O-care website: Sorry, president and I aren’t ‘technology geeks’

Joe Biden addressed the HealthCare.gov train wreck today, and this would be a fitting way to kick off his 2016 campaign.

From “big effin deal” to “big effin fail”:

Maybe somebody gave them the wrong website number.

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Classic! Latest excuse for Obamacare website glitch-nado: ‘Poor Internet signals’

“Poor Internet signals”? Is Joe Biden manning the help desk at Obamacare 404 Central this evening?

This particular Twitter user appears to have been trying to enroll for quite some time:

404 error-induced insanity. #GetCovered

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MSNBC.com Says New Website Is ‘What Progressives Have Been Waiting For’

MSNBC.com Says New Website Is What Progressives Have Been Waiting For

The MSNBC Splash Page which greeted users over the weekend. (Credit: MSNBC.com)

Individuals visiting MSNBC.com over the weekend will be greeted with a new splash page billing the new website as “what progressives have been waiting for.”

“Want a sneak peek at the new msnbc.com?” the splash page asks. “It’s what progressives have been waiting for.”

On the other side of the splash page, visitors are told to visit NBC News for “breaking news and reporting.”

MSNBC.com Says New Website Is What Progressives Have Been Waiting For

The MSNBC.com splash page says the new site is “what progressives have been waiting for.” (Credit: MSNBC.com)

Neither a spokesperson for MSNBC or NBC Universal was available for comment to TheBlaze Sunday morning.

The conservative leaning news-outlet The Daily Caller said the language “strongly suggests MSNBC.com will be becoming a hub for progressive ideology and abandoning any semblance of objectivity.”

In July 2012, MSNBC started redirecting users to NBCNews.com, after the end of the relationship between NBC and Microsoft. The site is reportedly set to officially launch at a later date as an independent website for cable channel MSNBC.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

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Al Qaeda-Linked Terrorists Kill at Least 59 in Attack on Kenyan Mall: ‘Told Muslims to Stand up and Leave’

Officer on Paid Leave After Video of Him Forcing Family on Ground, Brandishing Taser During Traffic Stop Goes Viral

Obama: Military Will See Disruption in Pay if Congress Doesn’t Raise Debt Ceiling, Pass Budget

8 Papa John’s Pizzerias Abruptly Close Without Explanation, Employees May Be Without Pay for Final 2 Weeks

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‘Unflippingbelievable’: Sarah Palin outraged by DHS employee’s hate website

That can’t be true, can it? Sarah Palin posted a message to Facebook Thursday calling the story of a DHS employee running a race war website on the side “unflippingbelievable.”

So, the Federal Government, er, We The People, are employing someone at the Department of Homeland Security whose side job is running a hate website advocating ethnic cleansing and other despicable acts?! This official is promoting a race war. His fellow employees say they’re “astounded” he is employed by the taxpayers. His side “job” running the “War On the Horizon” website was reportedly approved by supervisors. Really, Fed? Really?

Friends, let your government know we deserve better; we demand better. We’re paying the tab.


If the Fox News story on the hate website doesn’t convince you that such a thing could happen, consider that Fox’s source is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hatewatch” page — under the default banner, “Keeping an Eye on the Radical Right.”

By day, Ayo Kimathi works for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as a small business specialist in a unit that buys such items as handcuffs, ammunition and guns.

Off-duty, he calls himself “the Irritated Genie.” He’s a gay-bashing, revenge-seeking black nationalist who advocates on his website – War on the Horizon – the mass murder of whites and the “ethnic cleansing” of “black-skinned Uncle Tom race traitors.”

Note to David Frum: the employee’s name is Ayo Kimathi, not Rush Limbaugh.

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U.S Treasury website is down

Yes, it’s down this evening. Here’s the message we receive when we try to access the site:

this webpage not available

No comment yet from the Department’s Twitter feed.

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That didn’t take long: ‘Pardon Edward Snowden’ petition started at White House website

That didn’t take long at all:

Others think the petition might be a “cart before the horse” situation:

At this time the petition is nowhere near the 100,000 signature threshold required for the White House to consider writing a dodgy response to it, but you never know. Stranger things have happened.


Guardian identifies NSA source as 29-year-old Edward Snowden

Speculation mounts about why Edward Snowden chose to hide in Hong Kong

‘My holidays to the USA ruined!’: @EdwardSnowden mistaken for NSA leaker

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Could This Really Be Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s Teenage Website From 1999?

“Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?” If that line isn’t not a blast from the past, poking around what is speculated to be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s teenage website will bring you back to a time of rudimentary Websites.

Is this Mark Zuckerbergs Teenage Website?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaks during an event at Facebook headquarters on April 4, 2013 in Menlo Park, California. Zuckerberg announced a new product for Android called Facebook Home. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Supposedly scrounged up by someone on Hacker News, the website has a landing page titled “Mark’s Homepage” and “the only site where a yellow eye blinks at you.”

Is this Mark Zuckerbergs Teenage Website?

(Image: Anglefire screenshot)

In the About section (where the Web composer who might be 15-year-old Zuckerberg wrote the Slim Shady/Eminem reference), we learn that he lives in a small town near New York city, just finished his freshman year and “remodeled this website in an attempt that perhaps some search engine will recognize it.

“I am trying to promote my new AOL Program, The Vader Fader, which you can download elsewhere on this site. It is a decent fader,” a boy who some thing became the now billionaire entrepreneur wrote.

Somewhat telling, the website also had a Java applet called The Web, which he used to connect people. Here’s how it worked:

As of now, the web is pretty small. Hopefully, it will grow into a larger web. This is one of the few applets that require your participation to work well. If your name is already on The Web because someone else has chosen to be linked to you, then you may choose two additional people to be linked with. Otherwise, if you see someone who you know and would like to be linked with but your name is not already on The Web, then you can contact me and I will link that person to you and put you on The Web. If you do not know anyone on The Web, contact me anyway and I will put you on it. In order for this applet to work, you must E-Mail me your name and the names of the two people that you would like to be linked with. Thank you!

On a list called “The Best,” we gain insight into some more of Zuckerberg’s teenage mind:

Is this Mark Zuckerbergs Teenage Website?

(Image: Anglefire screenshot)

What we’re not sure, at this point, is if this website is real. Here’s what Gizmodo thinks:

 It looks like it. Motherboard discovered that the contact e-mail of the Angelfire page (Themarke51@aol.com) is an old AOL account under the primary account of ‘ekzooks’. Which is interesting because that ‘ekzooks’ username has been used all over the Internet by a Dr. Edward Zuckerberg. Who is Dr. Edward Zuckerberg? Well, only the father of Mark Zuckerberg.

In addition, taking a look at the source of the Angelfire page (the behind the scenes part) reveals that the creator of the website was Mark Zuckerberg. Or at least someone who calls himself Mark Zuckerberg.

Although all signs might point to the real Facebook CEO drafting up this website in his youth, he has not confirmed it in his adult life yet.

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