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Road Rage Gunman Fired at SUV Filled With Kids — but Family’s Dog Wasn’t About to Let Any of the Bullets Hit Fellow Passengers

“They just rolled right up, they pulled a gun out…”

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Soldier Dad Warned His Daughter About Keeping Her Room Clean. She Just Found Out the Hard Way He Wasn’t Kidding.

“Clean it next time.”

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Miss Pennsylvania Valerie Gatto Was Conceived in Rape, Glad She Wasn’t Aborted

Valerie Gatto was recently crowned Miss Pennsylvania 2014. The talented and beautiful young woman has a strong faith in God and a budding career after graduating from Pitt. But, Gatto could have easily become another abortion statistic. Her mother was victimized by a brutal rapist and almost killed, but, thankfully, Valerie was given a chance [&#82…

Moms of Disabled Babies Who Died Shortly After Birth: Abortion Wasn’t an Option

One Day More is a support group for parents who have received a difficult pre-natal diagnosis. This could be news of terminal illness (fatal foetal abnormality) or disability. The parents featured on this video all received a distressing diagnosis about the health of their unborn baby. Cliona and Maura both gave birth to babies who […]…

How a Texas Teen’s Deadly Shooting May Have Saved His Life – But One of the Two Thugs Who Broke Into His Home Wasn’t So Lucky

When two thugs broke into a Houston home and found a teenager alone, they probably thought it would be an easy “job.” What they didn’t know was the 18-year-old would-be victim is the son of a Houston police officer and knows his way around a firearm.

The teen reportedly first called his dad, a veteran police officer, to tell him that two men were trying to get into the house. It isn’t clear what the father instructed his son to do, but when the suspects entered the home the 18-year-old opened fire, fatally shooting one of them.

My Number One Goal is Becoming a Mother, But It Wasn’t Always This Way

I have a lot of things I want to do with my life. Maybe too many. But my number one goal is to be a mother.

I wasn’t always this way. I used to say I didn’t care if I ever had kids, but I think deep down I always wanted a child.

Former Microsoft Exec Piloted Plane in Fatal CT Crash — and It Wasn’t His First Accident

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Police have confirmed the deaths of a former Microsoft executive and his teenage son when a plane crashed into two Connecticut homes.

Former Microsoft Exec Bill Henningsgaard Piloted Plane in Fatal CT Crash    and It Wasnt His First Accident

A responder surveys the scene of a small plane crash, Friday, Aug. 9, 2013, in East Haven, Conn. The multi-engine, propeller-driven plane plunged into a working-class suburban neighborhood near Tweed New Haven Airport, on Friday. (Credit: AP)