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You Can’t be Upset About Killing Animals if You Don’t Care About Killing Babies

Matt Walsh is a 27-year-old conservative blogger, writer, and talk radio host.  He calls himself a “professional sayer of truths,” and in a recent column, that’s exactly what Matt does as he boldly enters into the abortion debate. He hammers home the inconsistency of many on the Left when it comes to their unreasonable stance […]…

Texas Teen Gets Suspended From School for Doing Something Awesome – and He’s Not Even Upset

“My message is, go out and help somebody. If you see it, don’t hesitate, don’t be scared.”

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University Upset After Video Showing Students Partying Incredibly Hard Goes Viral

“The university finds the video disappointing…”

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Pro-Life Groups Upset UK Docs Doing Illegal Sex-Selection Abortions Won’t be Charged

British doctors found to be doing illegal sex-selection abortions will not face criminal charges and that is not going over well with pro-life groups in the United Kingdom.

In February 2012, two abortion practitioners in England were suspended for their roles in facilitating illegal sex-selection abortions as exposed by an undercover investigation the London Telegraph newspaper led. But they won’t face any charges.

Wait, so now Bette Midler is upset about pork in the Sandy relief package?

Bette Midler wanted the “pathetic bunch of losers” in Washington to hurry up and pass more laws. But now that our legislators are close to sending President Obama a lard-laden Sandy relief bill to sign, suddenly she has reservations.