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1AVShare turns your computer into a personal web server and allows you to share your files with others over the internet.

name1AVShare is a Windows application that allows you to share your files with trusted users or access them remotely from anywhere. Securely share photos, videos, music and documents over the Internet. Logged users can view, download, search f…
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Oldest Homework Excuse in the Book Turns Out to Be True – and Eighth-Grader Has Her Dog’s X-Rays to Prove It

“I woke up one morning and I came down to my desk and it was just all over the floor. I was very scared.”

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Daihinia turns a simple Ad-Hoc network into a Multi-hop Ad-Hoc network!

Daihinia is a tool for WiFi. It turns a simple Ad-Hoc network into a Multi-hop Ad-Hoc network. Multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks offer a higher level of flexibility than the usual Infrastructure Mode: in Infrastructure Mode all the computers have to be in the range of the Access Point, while in Multi-hop Ad-Hoc networks they have to be within one another’s range, possibly forming chains longer than one hop.

Colorado recall over gun control turns into national fight

Million dollar campaigns, saturation advertising and massive canvassing have become commonplace in U.S. elections, especially in a swing state such as Colorado. A campaign underway there has all of the above — in a recall vote for two state senators that has become a showdown over gun policy and political dominance in a changing state.

‘Get that F**king Fake Service Dog Out’: Restaurant Owner Turns Away Disabled Vet and His Dog

James Glasser, an Iraq war veteran from Oxford, Mass., is claiming that he feels “belittled” after he and his dog — a certified canine that helps him battle post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) — were not allowed inside a local restaurant.

Russel Ireland is the man who owns the diner in question, called Big I’s. The veteran claims that Ireland publicly embarrassed him and subsequently turned him away from the establishment, citing his dog, Jack, as the reason for the banishment.

Disappointment in NY Post’s floppy Weiner performance turns out to be premature [photos]

Time for another Twitchy Weiner, courtesy of the New York Post. (All credit — and blame — for “Twitchy Weiner” goes to @aaronworthing.)

In May, an ominous Post URL appeared to threaten, “no more penis jokes. First thing this morning, it appeared that dark, dark day had come to pass.

Duct Taped, Sodomized & Ostracized: Colo. Town Turns on 13-Year-Old Alleged Sexual Assault Victim

First, reports say, they cornered him on an empty school bus.

Then they bound him with duct tape.

Then the three upperclassmen from Norwood (Colo.) Public Schools purportedly sodomized the younger, smaller boy with a pencil.

But that life-altering nightmare at the state high-school wrestling tournament in Denver last year wasn’t nearly the bottom of the pit for the 13-year-old victim and his family, Bloomberg News is reporting.

MakeMe3D turns your movies into real 3D-videos!

MakeMe3D turns your movies into real 3D-videos! MakeMe3D converts existing 2D-videos automatically into the third dimension. The 3D-videos are compatible to the known Anaglyph 3D glasses and to the new Stereoscopic 3D Hardware.

MakeMe3D is extremely easy to operate. The program supports the import of 2D-videos and others in formats Video-DVD, AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MPG and TS, to mention only the most important. The program stores the converted 3D-videos in formats AVI, MPG, MP4 and WMV.