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Off-Duty Cop Tackled by Other Officers During Traffic Stop Suing City for Racial Profiling

A San Francisco police officer is accusing his comrades of racial profiling that he alleges occurred when he was stopped for a vehicle violation while off-duty.


An SFPD officer is suing the city of racial profiling after fellow officers, not recognizing him, asked him if he was on parole during a traffic stop, which ended up escalating. (Image source: Jerome Scholler/Shutterstock)

Traffic Inspector is a comprehensive gateway solution for network security, web access control and detailed traffic analysis.

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Pro-illegal alien demonstrators shut down traffic in downtown Chicago

These protestors, many of whom are apparently living in this country illegally without any repercussions, think President Obama is too hard-line on immigration enforcement.

Barack and Michelle’s Valentine’s Day date causes massive traffic jam in DC

Whatever we think about Barack Obama, we won’t begrudge him for taking his wife on a nice date for Valentine’s Day. Heck, we’ll even say that he has great taste in restaurants for selecting José Andrés’ renowned “Minibar.” However, we can’t help but point out the fact that his date night probably ruined Valentine’s Day for a lot of other couples. You see, “Minibar” is smack in the middle of DC’s busy Penn Quarter neighborhood,  and date night for the Obamas requires shutting down a city block and bringing rush-hour traffic to a screeching halt.