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‘Comedy creates oneness’: @exjon picks up liberal comedy tips at Netroots humor panel

Comedy creates oneness, except when it doesn’t.
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Debating Abortion: Six Pro-Life Tips for Arguing With Analogies Clearly

I published a listener mail video at the Life Report site that I think is worth highlighting here.

I got a wonderful email from Andres in Santa Barbara who was in a dialogue about abortion and used an analogy about being hooked up to a machine in order to demonstrate that your personhood isn’t based on your dependance. But the person he was talking to retorted, “Are you comparing a woman to a machine?!” Andres wants to know what I would suggest we do to avoid throwing people off when the analogies we use seem, at a surface level, to demean pregnant women.

Salon’s Joan Walsh gives right-wingers tips on ‘how not to seem racist’

You don’t want to seem like a racist, do you? You’re in luck then, because Salon’s Joan Walsh, author of “What’s the Matter with White People,” has published a handy guide for racist right-wingers who want to hide their true nature. You’re welcome to read the whole thing, but in short, your best bet is to not criticize the first family, especially about their spending habits. Walsh writes: