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Obama’s Organizing for Action: Hey, Let’s Throw Newtown Anniversary Events to Push Gun Control

If you thought Obama’s Organizing for Action propaganda machine couldn’t get anymore ghoulish in the name of politics, it just did. Late yesterday the organization sent out an email to supporters urging them to hold events on December 14 for the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy. …

Families throw off the cones at Badlands National Park in South Dakota

Tax-paying, hard-working families aren’t letting White House shutdown politics stop them from enjoying America’s beauty. They’re defying the orange cones at Mount Rushmore. They’re breaching the barrycades at Zion National Park. And now, the Badlands of South Dakota.

Noelle Bruno tweets that she and her family made it through Mount Rushmore despite the White House obstacles:

GWU’s Newman Center fights back against effort to throw priest off campus

Catholics at George Washington University are confronting an effort to expel a priest from campus because of his adherence to Catholic teaching on homosexuality — and they’re not folding under pressure.

The Daily Caller reported today that two students are launching a campaign to force Father Greg Shaffer, the chaplain at campus’ Newman Center, out of his job. Their primary reason for doing so: He held to the church’s official teaching that homosexual acts are immoral and encouraged gay students to pursue celibacy. Shaffer’s pro-life stance was also cited as a motivation.