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How Many ‘Best Picture’ Films Can You Name By Looking Only at Final Frames? Test Your Mettle with This Cool Montage

Is there a Gen-X member who doesn’t immediately shout “Rainman!” when spotting Tom Cruise?

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National Rifle Association to Challenge Sunnyvale Measure C Provisions in Court as Second Amendment Test Case

If passed by voters on November 5, Measure C would do nothing to reduce violent crime or firearm accidents in Sunnyvale.  NRA lawyers see Measure C as an opportunity to clarify that the Second Amendment protects against these types of infringements on the right to keep and bear arms and intend to file lawsuits challenging Measure C in court if it passes.

“Unnecessary Test” Saved George W. Bush’s Life, Obamacare May Ration it For Other Patients

New information indicates that former President George W. Bush’s life may recently have been saved because of a diagnostic test that would likely have been prevented by the sort of limits Obamacare “quality measures” will impose.

According to an October 11th National Journal piece, “George Bush’s Close Call,” Tom DeFrank writes,

Student’s Clever Response to Test Question Goes Viral

Sometimes stories go viral because they’re interesting. Sometimes they go viral because they’re controversial. This one is both.

Reddit user JoeMamma45 posted a clever test question response under the headline “My student thought the tests logic was off.” Here it is:

Student response to test question on reddit

(Reddit user JoeMamma45)

“A coin is flipped and then a die is rolled, what is the probability of rolling an odd and then flipping a tails,” the question reads (with no question mark).

Audio Input Test

Audio Input Test is a small program that allows you to route your microphone directly through your computer#039;s default speakers. The program is designed for audio testing, so that you can check i….
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Rename Master 3.3 Test 6 / 3.2

Utility for renaming large groups of files with a few clicks. 2012-10-13
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Blender 2.64 Test 2 / 2.63a

An extremely fast and versatile design instrument. 2012-08-08
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easyQuizzy is a test creation tool that enables you to create tests of any complexity and to compile them into completely independent executable files that can be emailed, shared on the Internet, or copied to all computers in a classroom.

Tests can consist of an unlimited number of questions (multiple choice, multiple response, short answer, matching, sequence, or polar) each with an unlimited number of possible answers.