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‘Why aren’t you sharing?’ Obama greets UConn basketball teams with championship redistribution ‘joke’

More than their fair share?
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Police and SWAT teams arrive at Bundy Ranch as feds conclude cattle roundup

Protesters flood Interstate 15.
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‘Horrific’ or ‘awesome’ Photoshop? Rob Ford teams up with ‘little buddy’ Justin Bieber

Why filter out pop star Justin Bieber and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford when you can turn the train wrecks into … into this? I will never be able to unsee this horrific image. Curse you, Internet! http://t.co/FyHq07oKzc— Steve Silberman (@stevesilberman) February 01, 2014 @stevesilberman @mayanrelic why would you want to unsee it? It's ge…
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High School Football Player’s Poem About Team’s Losing Season So Upsets the School That They Suspend Him for It

Football players who get frustrated by their teams’ performance often react in regrettable ways.

Press-conference temper tantrums. Shouting matches with coaches. Sideline fights. Locker-room donnybrooks.

And we all know what those reactions earn for those frustrated players.

So when a junior defensive end from the Rittman (Ohio) High School football team got a composition class assignment last Friday to write a poem about something that makes him angry, Nick Andre took a non-violent route toward letting his 1-7 squad have it.