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Obama’s Department of Justice Colluded with IRS to Target Conservatives, Pro-American Groups

The Department of Justice and the IRS under Obama are rogue agencies whose mission by objective is punitive action against “enemies of the leftist/Islamic state.” I don’t know what emergency actions can be taken by the American people. But we must dig deep and take extraordinary action. America is unlike any other nation in the [&…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

‘Open Scary Not Welcome': Protesters target ‘lily white’ open carry march in St. Louis

The mayor urged “polite disinterest.”
Twitchy » US Politics

Two Robberies at Target Since Chain Asked Law-Abiding Citizens to Shop Unarmed

On July 2 Breitbart News reported that interim Target CEO John Mulligan “respectfully” asked law-abiding citizens not to bring their guns in Target stores. Since then, Gainesville, Georgia, police have arrested three over a Target parking lot robbery and are looking for another man who punched a woman and stole her Mercedes at a Decatur, Georgia, T…

Economic Impact of Hunting and Target Shooting in America

Economic Impact of Hunting and Target Shooting in America…

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‘On fire’: Michelle Malkin helps Katrina Pierson target Texas House seat

Twitchy founder Michelle Malkin on Monday appeared at a fundraiser for Katrina Pierson, who’s running for the House seat currently held by Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Texas). Pierson served for five years as a steering committee member for the Dallas Tea Party, founded the Garland Tea Party and is a member of the Texas Tea Party Caucus […] Twitchy » US Politics

Obama-backed Syrian jihadis target Christian schools

Under Obama, America is supporting these jihad savages. Why? I have been reporting on Obama’s alignment with enemies of America for well over a year, and the Wall Street Journal ran a front page news story confirming this treachery last Tuesday — so why isn’t Congress calling for hearings? Why are our elected officials standing by while a traitoro…
Atlas Shrugs

Turret Star Drill Mil-Based Target

Use this target when performing Shooting Illustrated’s January 2014 “Skills Check” Turret Star Drill with a mil-based re…
Shooting Illustrated

Oregon: Target Shooting and Motorized Access Under Review in Crooked River National Grassland

The Ochoco National Forest has received proposals from some Crooked River Ranch homeowners proposing that target shooting be prohibited in The Peninsula, a popular recreational area within the Crooked River National Grassland.  The Grassland is immediately north of the Ranch….

LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Training Target

While it does seem like we are starting to come out of the Great Ammo Shortage of 2013, finding ways to practice that don’t involve burning through your precious stockpile still makes good sense. LaserLyte has a line of training targets intended to do just that, and its most recent release—the Reaction Tyme target system—has streamlined the process of using a laser training device with a target system. The company introduced the Laser Target a few years ago to go with its LT-PRO training insert, and further laser-based training aids have followed in the intervening period.

Whoa: Did the IRS also target Jewish groups for ‘extra-special attention’?


The IRS admits to targeting conservative groups for additional review and laughably claims the witch hunt wasn’t “motivated by political bias.” What will its math-challenged spokeswoman Lois Lerner say about allegations that the IRS gave “extra-special attention to the tax-exempt status of some Jewish groups for political reason”?

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