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Hiker Takes Tragically Chilling Cellphone Photos of 300-Pound Black Bear Stalking Him

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‘Visibly angry,’ seething mad president takes out deepening frustrations on little white ball

Is anyone surprised the president’s hands-on approach to the Ebola crisis involves the shaft of a golf club?
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#LiveTheWage: Rep. Tim Ryan takes minimum wage challenge

Maybe it’s time to sign up for the Ohio Food Assistance Program.
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Kentucky: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Takes Effect Tomorrow

House Bill 128, this legislative session’s comprehensive pro-gun reform package, goes into effect tomorrow, July 15….

Georgia: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Law Takes Effect Today

House Bill 60, the most comprehensive pro-gun legislation in state history, goes into effect today, July 1. …

Idaho university allows armed patrols as law takes effect

Public safety officers armed with semi-automatic pistols will patrol Idaho State University for the first time on Tuesday to safeguard students and staff, in response to a new state law allowing concealed weapons on college campuses….

Michigan: Youth Firearm Education Bill Takes Effect Today

As previously reported, yesterday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder (R) signed into law a bill that expands firearms safety training opportunities for Michigan youth. House Bill 5085, which took immediate effect as Public Act 201 of 2014, corrects an unduly burdensome restraint on youth firearm education by reasonably expanding the class of individual…

Distraught mom: Obamacare ‘takes away all of my baby’s heart doctors’

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Obama takes jabs at cable networks at White House Correspondents’ Dinner [video]

Of course, the president was expected to take a few shots at the media during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner — that’s how it works. And the shots were pretty good. http://youtu.be/apJk79aNozs https://twitter.com/Bobblespeak/status/462780269863636992 https://twitter.com/tjholmes/status/462780365162422272 https://twitter.com/Ali…
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‘Awesomeness’: Subaru dealer takes on union bullies with ‘dance party’ that will make you smile [video]

Winner of this dance-off? Subaru of Wichita. Again.
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Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Top 10 Reasons David Letterman Is Retiring’ (No. 4 Takes a Jab at Obamacare)

“Made millions selling crack to Rob Ford.”

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Young Pro-Life Filmmaker Takes on Abortion in Riveting New Short Film “Mitosis”

Washington, DC (LiveActionNews) — Not even a year out of high school, and Hannah Victoria isn’t the least bit afraid to dream big. The young, surprisingly experienced filmmaker plans big, too. In January of 2014, Hannah Victoria founded Expressionistic Studios with a bold vision: [T]o take the subject matter that most people deem too ‘mes…

Mississippi: Legislature Takes Final Actions on Two NRA-Backed Bills, Sends Them to Governor for Signature

As we reported earlier this week, the Mississippi House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 2425, NRA-backed legislation sponsored by state Senator Philip Moran (R-Hancock, Harrison Counties), by a 102 to 16 vote.  SB 2425 creates a tax-free weekend in the Magnolia State during September for individual sales of firearms, ammunition, archery…

Number of People Applying for Jobless Benefits Takes a Nice Tumble


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‘I’m sure Putin just wet himself’: John Kerry takes to Twitter, boldly says nothing

How inspiring.
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French reporter takes selfie in White House, is Photoshopped

French reporters covering the visit between President Obama and President Hollande couldn’t help but take a few selfies along the way. Thomas Wieder of Le Monde managed a catch a selfie with both presidents in the background. A journo thought this was a good time to take a selfie. "@ThomasWieder: Selfie dans le bureau Ovale. […] Twitchy » US Politics