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How Many Shots Does It Take to Bring Down a Remotely-Controlled Drone?

Thousands of bullets were fired to take out these remote-controlled vehicles.

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Taiwanese animators take on Sen. Leland Yee

In less time (and counting) than it’s taken CNN.com to report on the arrest of Democrat Leland Yee, the Taiwanese animators have managed to produce a short film hitting the highlights of the case against the California state senator. At least someone knows news when they see it. The Taiwanese animators do @LelandYee and it […]...<br />
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Romania: Largest-Ever Pro-Life March for Life Will Take Places in 40 Cities

This year, almost 40 Romanian cities will see the fourth edition of the March for Life, the biggest yet both in participation and reach. This year’s theme is “Adoption, the noble choice”, promoting adoption, as the natural solution to protect children born by mothers in difficulty, whose families cannot assume the responsibility of raising a …

Take Up Your Cross: How One Night Started a Pro-Life Youth Revolution

One August night in 1987 four young men stood on a stage and sang these lyrics: “the murder goes unseen, does only God and my heart hear the babies’ silent scream?” In the crowd was a young man who only one week before had given his life to Christ after years of drug abuse and […]…

Christian Film Critic Defends Disney’s ‘Frozen’: You ‘Really Need to Push’ to Take It as ‘Gay-Friendly Metaphor’

“Christianity has always been very counter-culture…”

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Iowa: Dubuque City Council Declines to Take Up Discriminatory Ordinance

Early this week, the Dubuque City Council announced that it will decline to take up a proposal that would ban future home-based firearms businesses.  This deeply flawed proposal would have targeted law-abiding gun owners and home-based Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers by prohibiting future conditional use permits for gun sales from residenti…

California: New Anti-Gun Laws Take Effect Today, January 1

Signed into law in 2011, but taking effect today are a number of laws surrounding long gun registration.  Signed into law in 2012 and taking effect today, one fee will be charged for any number of firearms in a single transaction (PC 28240). As for laws taking effect today for bills that were signed into law this year.  The NRA has numerous legal…

Connecticut: Attention Gun Owners and Sportsmen – Next Round of Anti-Gun Law Provisions Take Effect on January 1

The next round of provisions from Senate Bill 1160 (now Public Act 13-3), passed by the Connecticut General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Dan Malloy (D), take effect on Wednesday, January 1, 2014….

Take Fun Survey to Discover Your Very Own ‘Personal Dialect Map’

“What does the way you speak say about where you’re from?”

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It’s Bad Enough Being Arrested for Drunk Driving — It’s Even Worse When You Have to Take a Mug Shot Wearing This

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Social Services Takes Mom’s Unborn Baby: “Please Don’t Take My Daughter Away”

A mother in England is fighting for custody of her daughter after a judge forced her to undergo a cesarean section and put her baby up for adoption. The woman is an Italian national who is visiting the U.K. for a work trip and her newborn infant has been taken from her reportedly because she […]…

James O’Keefe: Caught on tape, Enroll America ‘will take appropriate action’

As Twitchy reported, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas recently turned their lenses on the Obamacare navigator program and Enroll America in particular. Project Veritas caught navigators actively encouraging people to lie about their income in order to secure lower health care premiums. Enroll America, ostensibly a nonprofit, nonpartisan org…
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Take a Good Look at the 47-Year-Old Sex Offender Accused of Impregnating 12-Year-Old Girl — There May Have Been Other Victims

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

MAYS LANDING, N.J. (AP) — A registered sex offender who allegedly impregnated a 12-year-old southern New Jersey girl is now facing more charges — and the public is asked to take a good look at him, because he may have targeted other girls in the past.

Colorado’s clear message: Take our freedom, lose your job

NRA members and gun owners in Colorado shocked the nation last month when two anti-gun state senators were successfully recalled for the first time in state history. We sent a clear message to politicians at every level of government that if they take our freedom, we’ll take their jobs. Well, most politicians got the message. Right on cue, gun-banners like Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz tried to save face by spinning Colorado’s homegrown, pro-freedom uprising as the result of outside influences.

Mother of Billionaire Andrew Forrest Tried to Cause an Abortion to Take His Life

drew Forrest is a Western Australian mining magnate and self-made billionaire who many say could launch a successful bid for Prime Minister if he decides to enter the world of politics someday. Forrest was born in Perth as the youngest of three children of Donald and Judith Forrest.