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Take Action on Proposed Ban on the Sale and Trade of Ivory

In past Grassroots Alerts, we addressed the Obama Administration’s proposal to ban the trade and sale of legally owned ivory within the United States (click here to see the initial alert)….

Maryland: Multiple Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Tomorrow

Tomorrow, July 1, multiple pro-hunting laws will go into effect.  As previously reported, Senate Bills 472, 473 and 966 were signed into law on May 15:…

‘Real moms don’t demand action, they take it’: Holly Fisher supporters tell why #IStandWithHolly

“Anyone want to see a REAL #WarOnWomen?”
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Tennessee: Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Bills to Take Effect Tomorrow

Tomorrow, July 1, Senate Bill 1774 and Senate Bill 1777 will take effect in Tennessee. …

Kansas: Two Pro-Gun Bills Take Effect Today

House Bill 2578, signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback (R) on April 22, went into effect today, July 1.  HB 2578 includes many important protections for gun owners in Kansas and does the following:…

Mississippi: Important NRA-Backed Laws Take Effect Tomorrow

The 2014 Regular Session of the Mississippi Legislature was another successful one for NRA members.  Thanks to your persistent constituent contact and the outstanding pro-Second Amendment leadership of Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves (R) and House Speaker Philip Gunn (R), several key NRA-backed measures were passed and signed into law by Governor …

Heh: Pat Sajak’s take on the ‘lost’ IRS emails is a winner

Nothing to do with a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS.
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Smart take! Dem Rep. Jackie Speier explains why Taliban aren’t ‘necessarily’ terrorists [video]

All is well.
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Ohio: Senate Civil Justice Committee Scheduled to Take Up Concealed Carry Reform Bill Tomorrow

This week, Senator Joe Uecker (R-14) introduced Senate Bill 338, legislation that makes common sense improvements to Ohio’s current concealed carry laws….

Washington: Anti-Gun Group to Hold Panel and Take Public Questions

Tonight, a state anti-gun group called Washington Ceasefire will be holding a “gun reform” panel where the public is invited to engage panelists in a conversation about gun rights in Washington State.  Currently, panelists consist of several anti-gun individuals, including President of the Brady Campaign, Dan Gross.  This event will be held…

Florida Report: Latvala, sheriffs take out Brandes’ NRA-backed gun bill

Thursday, 5/1/14, the Florida Sheriffs Association killed SB-296/HB-209 — the bill to allow citizens to carry their firearms with them (rather than leave firearms behind for looters) when they are under a mandatory evacuation during a declared state of emergency.  Be perfectly clear, this was a straight up Second Amendment issue in its purest fo…

Hungry Seattle anarchists take anti-capitalism break to buy Dick’s burgers [photo]

Dick’s Drive In is a beloved hamburger joint in Seattle with six locations and 40 years of history in the region. On their annual May Day rampage tonight, hungry anarchists took a break from vandalizing private businesses and threatening police to load up on carbs at the Dick’s on Broadway. Who can blame them? Dick’s […] Twitchy » US Politics

How Many Shots Does It Take to Bring Down a Remotely-Controlled Drone?

Thousands of bullets were fired to take out these remote-controlled vehicles.

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Taiwanese animators take on Sen. Leland Yee

In less time (and counting) than it’s taken CNN.com to report on the arrest of Democrat Leland Yee, the Taiwanese animators have managed to produce a short film hitting the highlights of the case against the California state senator. At least someone knows news when they see it. The Taiwanese animators do @LelandYee and it […]...<br />
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Romania: Largest-Ever Pro-Life March for Life Will Take Places in 40 Cities

This year, almost 40 Romanian cities will see the fourth edition of the March for Life, the biggest yet both in participation and reach. This year’s theme is “Adoption, the noble choice”, promoting adoption, as the natural solution to protect children born by mothers in difficulty, whose families cannot assume the responsibility of raising a …