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Pro-Abortion Study Admits Thousands of Women Hospitalized Every Year From Botched Abortions

What if you walked into the waiting room of any of the country’s abortion clinics and told the young mothers waiting there in the lobby that there’s a new study indicating that the “procedure” they’re about to undergo will, in the coming year, send thousands of women to the emergency room or back to the […]…

Murder rate drops as concealed carry permits rise, study claims

A dramatic spike in the number of Americans with permits to carry concealed weapons coincides with an equally stark drop in violent crime, according to a new study, which Second Amendment advocates say makes the case that more guns can mean safer streets…

Lawmakers want $60 million to study guns

Democrats in the House and Senate are pushing to spend $ 60 million for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to research gun violence, rekindling a debate over whether political agendas taint these taxpayer-funded studies.The legislation, introduced by Sen. Edward J. Markey, Massachusetts Democrat, and Rep. Carolyn Maloney, New York D…

Study Quantifies What Watching TV Can Do to Kids’ Health

“The content may be especially disruptive.”

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Study Finds This Factor Leads People to Make More Conservative Choices

“We wondered how this kind of ‘us-vs-them’ framing would be perceived …”

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‘It’s nuts’: Joe Bastardi shreds global warming study for ‘stealing and repackaging’ ideas of others [correction added]

WeatherBell.com chief meteorologist and outspoken critic of Al Gore-style global warming “science,” Joe Bastardi, tweeted a link to a Bloomberg News article about attempts to determine “why the rate of global warming has eased in the past 20 years while greenhouse-gas emissions have surged to a record”: Global-Warming Slowdo…
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Study: Women Who Have Abortion 636% More Likely to Have Breast Cancer

A new study of women from India shows women who get an induced abortion are 626% more likely to have breast cancer compared with women who carry their pregnancies to term and have the baby. The study found women more likely to have breast cancer had “higher number of abortions.” This study follows closely after […]…

Concealed carry means fewer murders, says new study

Quinnipiac University economist Mark Gius has published a new study, “An examination of the effects of concealed weapons laws and assault weapons bans on state-level murder rates,” in the journal Applied Economics Letters. From the abstract: The purpose of the present study is to determine the effects of state-level assault weapons bans and conceal…

Laughter the Best Medicine? Study Details Some Harmful Side Effects

“It remains to be seen whether sick jokes make you ill…”

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Atheists face death in 13 countries, global discrimination: study

‘Hang atheist bloggers': Hundreds of thousands Bangladeshi Muslims call for execution of atheists The authors’ references to America are just. plain. nuts. The fact is — it is dangeorus for non-Muslims, whether atheists, Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc., to live under sharia. Islamic law is the problem. Read betwen the lines. It’s the only way to re…
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A Congressional Research Service (CRS) report shows that while gun ownership climbed from 192 million firearms in 1994 to 310 million firearms in 2009, crime fell—and fell sharply. According to the report, the “firearm-related murder and non-negligent homicide” rate was 6.6 per 100,000 Americans in 1993. Following the exponential growth in the n…

Study: Patients Supposedly in “Vegetative” State “Not Just Aware But Paying Attention”

We have written dozens of stories the common theme of which is that patients diagnosed in a “persistent vegetative state” or “minimally conscious” are either (a) misdiagnosed or (b) much more aware than they are given credit for. Terri Schindler Schiavo captured our hearts and our imaginations but she was by no means the only person starved and dehydrated to death based on a bogus diagnosis of PVS.

Study Shows Big Drop in Teen Pregnancy Rates as Planned Parenthood Clinics Close

As a part of ALL’s just-released meta-study of Planned Parenthood, STOPP researchers analyzed the teen pregnancy rate in 16 counties of the Texas Panhandle. In those counties, over an 11-year period, closures of Planned Parenthood facilities were ongoing in the face of strong community opposition to the abortion giant’s presence.

Study: Planned Parenthood Health Services at Lowest Point Since 2006 While Tax $ Up 78%

The Planned Parenthood abortion business says it repeatedly:  it’s about women’s health care not abortion. The abortion business will have much to explain following a new study released today by American Life League.

For years, conservatives and pro-life groups have fought public tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood because it is primarily an abortion business and the new study backs up that claim. The meta-study by American Life League shows that the total healthcare services delivered by Planned Parenthood have reached their lowest point since 2006, while taxpayer funding has increased 78 percent over the past six years.

Study Findings Alleviate Some Anti-Fracking Fears

  • A new study found drilling and fracking for natural gas doesn’t release a substantial amount of methane gas into the air. 
  • Some had feared the naturally occurring gas being released into the atmosphere might refute some of its more environmentally friendly points as an energy source, because as a greenhouse gas it could lead to planet warming.
  • Despite the study’s findings, some are saying the drilling operations evaluated were not necessarily indicative of “real operations.”

Peer-Reviewed Study: Abortion is Not Safer for Women Than Childbirth

How often do you hear a child disposal apologist repeat the talking point that abortion is safer for the mother than childbirth?

It’s never been quite the showstopper they hoped for, since annual pregnancy-related deaths in the United States (650) are less than a thousandth of 1% of the annual number of live births (3,953,590), because it seems like a new abortion mill is being busted for health violations almost every week, and ultimately because it wouldn’t change the fact that abortion’s mortality rate for the baby is virtually 100%.