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Reporter expresses doubt about Gillibrand story, becomes punching bag

“I challenge this story. Sorry, I don’t believe it.”
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‘Highest praise’: Obama manages to make nomination of Julian Castro a story about himself

Narcissist-in-Chief strikes again.
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Open Carry Texas helps debunk story that ‘terrified’ Jack in the Box employees locked themselves in freezer

A spokesperson for Jack in the Box confirmed that no one hid in the freezer.
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Emma Loves Teddy “A Lot” – A Touching Story About Love Despite Disability

My thanks go out to Wesley Smith for alerting me (and all his many other readers) to the film, “My Brother, Teddy.” We reprinted Wesley’s post on Monday, and this morning I watched the 6:06 film (video at end of this post) that will evoke powerful emotions in anyone who may have family members with […]…

Mother of 16, With 6 Adopted Children, Shares Her Story of Life and Love

Adopted at age nine from an orphanage, Mary Ann Kuharski knows first-hand that adoption is a blessing to parents and children alike. After she and her husband had their first two children, they began to consider adopting children with special needs. Subsequently, they adopted six children domestically and abroad, and continued having children of th…

Our Story: Siblings, Down Syndrome, and Unexpected Beauty

A good friend found this photo of my kids earlier this week and posted it to Facebook. I found myself transfixed by it. I wonder if you see what I see? I expect complete strangers who see this photo will likely just see two cute kids about to give each other a smooch. That alone […]…

In the Middle of America’s Deep Freeze, This Father-Daughter Reunion Story Will Warm Your Heart

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‘Something Unworldly’: Indiana Exorcism Priest Doubles Down on Demon Possession Story as Bill O’Reilly Presses for Answers

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‘It’s a Garbage Story!’: Krugman Slams Cancer-Sticken Senator’s Obamacare Claim

“It’s a totally misleading story.”

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Watch a Brave Mother, 28, Confront the Teacher She Says Molested Her at Just 12-Years-Old – but the Story Doesn’t End There

“[S]he will never have to pay for the things that she did to me.”

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‘Because AMERICA!’ Must-read story of hard work, success and ‘making your own destiny’

You’ll see a lot of talk today about the expiration of long-term unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits for 1.3 million expire today CNN.it/1adh5cm via @CNNPolitics—   (@CNN) December 28, 2013 Read @CatsPolitics’ tweets for an inspiring story of how to “make your own destiny” in America. @LilMissRightie The …
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Brothers for Only 24 Weeks, There Was No Question of Life: Knox and Liam’s Story

Liam and Knox only got to be brothers together for 24 weeks, but they have left their mark of life and hope in an East Texas community. This Christmas both boys will be celebrated, even as one never got to open his eyes to see the family that loved him and honored his life to […]…

Which Story Is So Important Glenn Beck Thinks You Should ‘Print’ and ‘Save’ It for Your Children?

“This is why this story is really, really important.” 

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Woman Touted by President as Obamacare Success Story Now Says Exchange ‘Screwed’ Her Over

Jessica Sanford was thrilled when President Barack Obama held her up as one of the Affordable Care Act’s success stories during a speech in the White House Rose Garden last month.

“Who wouldn’t?” Sanford told CNN. “I’m a nobody really to have him mention my story.”

Woman Touted by President as Obamacare Success Story Now Says Exchange Screwed Her Over

President Barack Obama held Jessica Sanford up as an Obamacare success story. (Image source: Screen grab via CNN)

One Woman’s Life Story That’s Filled With so Much Tragedy — and Inspiration — That You Just Have to Read It

The young girl awoke scared and hungry on a cold, hardwood floor. After being torn away from the only parents she had ever known, she now found herself alone and chained to an old metal radiator.

It was only the beginning. Six-year-old Carolyn would be trapped and forced to sustain abuse for three years at the hands of a brutal woman.

One Womans Incredibly Wild Journey of Redemption After Hiring a Hitman to Kill Her Husband

Credit: Carolyn Huebner Rankin

Glenn Beck Reveals a Story He Hasn’t Been Able to Share for Over a Year

Glenn Beck shared a story with viewers on Wednesday that he’s been keeping close to the vest since before the 2012 election, explaining that he’s been waiting for the right time to say what exactly happened, and what it means for the country.

It all began, Beck said, in what he believes was late August when he was getting ready to do a number of events with FreedomWorks.

New Details Emerge About Ga. School Shooting Suspect (Including Story of Hero School Employee)

LITHONIA, Ga. (AP) — The man accused of exchanging gunfire with police at a Georgia school didn’t seem to have any friends and rarely talked about his family or past during the months he lived with a couple who serve as pastors at a small church.