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Jewelry store owner fells robber, The San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco, Calif. 04/12/14, The San Jose Mercury News, San Jose, Calif. 04/11/14

A group of masked and armed men entered Hardy Nix Jewelers in Antioch, Calif. and attempted to rob the store. The store’s owner responded by obtaining a gun and exchanging gunfire with the criminals, striking and killing one, and causing the others to flee. One customer was wounded during the incident, but her injuries are described as non-life-t…

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Surveillance Video Released After Mob of Twerking Teenagers Rob Convenience Store

“…I mean I was just shocked.”

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Store assistant manager fired for fighting off armed robber, WXIA, Atlanta, Ga. 11/08/13

Johnny Jarriel was working his shift in the back office of a gas station in Douglasville, Ga. when a robber armed with a gun and pepper spray attacked him. The criminal sprayed Jarriel with the pepper spray, then put a gun to his head and forced him to the ground while threatening his life and demanding cash. Jarriel told the robber that the store

Customer halts armed robbery inside Family Dollar store, WPMI, Mobile, Ala. 11/13/13

Two employees of a Family Dollar store in Mobile, Ala. were unloading a truck, when a pair of armed robbers approached them. One of the criminals forced one of the employees to the front of the store, past terrified customers, and demanded that the employee open the safe. Upon witnessing the robbery, one customer drew a gun and fired at the thief, striking him and causing his accomplice to flee. Following the incident, another customer inside the store during the robbery spoke with reporters and thanked the armed citizen, stating, “”I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart and God bless you.” 

Differently abled store owner captures robbers, WATE, Knoxville, Tenn. October 23, 2013

The wheelchair bound owner of Malone’s Jewelers in Alcoa, Tenn. was working at his shop when a man entered and began to occupy his attention. Soon after, another man, who was in league with the first, entered the store and attempted a robbery. The owner responded to the threat by retrieving a gun, shooting one of the criminals in the abdomen, then holding the pair of thieves until police could arrive. When interviewed by a local media outlet, Det. Kris Sanders of the Alcoa Police Department said of the owner, “He did a really good job detaining both individuals until we got there.” The owner has not been charged. 

Teen With Down Syndrome Becomes Star Model for Clothing Store Wet Seal

Karrie is a 17-year-old model for Wet Seal. And she has Down syndrome.

Karrie’s mom, Sue Brown, tells xojane the story of her daughter who reminds us that Down syndrome isn’t a disease and the children can blossom by being themselves. Karrie has been allowed to become a remarkable young woman who shows the world that life is what people make of it.

Convenience store owner holds robber for police, The St. Louis Dispatch, St. Louis, Mo. 09/24/13

A robber entered the Raetta Quick Stop convenience store in House Springs, Mo. displayed a gun and demanded money from the clerk. The clerk complied with the demand, but the owner of the store retrieved a handgun and confronted the criminal. The owner was able to hold the robber at gunpoint until police could arrive, without anyone getting hurt. 

Store Owner Stunned After Receiving Mysterious Envelope From the Man Who Robbed Him at Gunpoint More Than a Decade Ago

An unidentified man recently returned to the Nashville store he robbed 11 years ago to deliver a hand-written note as well as $ 400 cash to replace the money he stole — with interest.

The owner of the InterAsian Market & Deli, Keosavanh Xayarath, remembers being robbed at gunpoint over a decade ago like it was yesterday.

Veteran thwarts liquor store robbery, The Springfield News-Leader, Springfield, Mo. 09/03/13

Jon Alexander was clerking at the Beer 30 liquor store in Marionville, Mo. when a man entered the store, drew a gun, and pointed it at him. Alexander, a 30-year military veteran who served four tours in Iraq, immediately pushed the robber’s gun away with his left hand, drew a pistol with his right, and pointed it at the thief’s head, causing the robber to flee the store. Following the incident, the owner of the store, Jeannine Dawson, spoke with a local media outlet. Dawson explained that Alexander acted just as she would have predicted during the robbery, and stated that she enjoyed showing her friends the surveillance footage of the confrontation, noting, “They’re shocked when they see the robber pull a gun, but then they’re just delighted when Jon stops him.” 

Woman Tells Store Staffers She’s Dying — Then She Does a Simple Thing That Will Be Remembered for Years

Picture this: You’ve been given a terminal diagnosis and have limited time left on earth. What would you do with your time? Would you have the emotional ability to think beyond yourself and your own mortality?

One woman in Aurburn, Maine, was reportedly faced with these very questions. And she made a stunning and monumentally-inspiring decision. And now shes’ being called the “back to school angel” after generously paying off 16 layaway orders for struggling families at a local Kmart store.

Liquor store owner fights off armed robbers, WMAZ, Macon, Ga. 08/27/13

A pair of men, at least one of whom was armed, entered the Helena Package Store in Helena, Ga. and confronted the woman who owns the store. The owner responded by retrieving a handgun and firing at the intruders, striking one and causing the other to flee. The wounded man was taken to a local hospital where he is listed as in stable condition and faces armed robbery charges. Helena Police Chief Glenn Giles has made clear that the store owner will not face charges. 

Greenwald: NSA Can Store ‘One Billion Cell Phone Calls Every Single Day’

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald hasn’t published the story yet, but he gave the Socialism Conference in Chicago a big taste of his next reveal:

The National Security Agency can store one billion phone calls each day.

Speaking to a raucous audience via Skype on Friday, Greenwald said the NSA’s “brand-new technology” gives it the power to “redirect into its own repositories one billion cell phone calls every single day.”

Guardian Journalist Glenn Greenwald: NSA Can Store One Billion Cell Phone Calls Every Single Day

(Credit: YouTube)

NKOTB’s Joey McIntyre: The NSA is just like ‘a cop stopping by the corner store’ to keep us safe

The NSA’s “got the right stuff, baby,” says New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre.

Obama’s government can snoop all it wants, without limits, and it’s a-OK with McIntyre because this administration has clearly shown itself to respect the rights of political enemies. In fact, surveillance of Americans is just like having a neighborhood beat cop swing by the corner store to make sure all is well.