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Florida GOP Chair Calls on Rep. Trey Radel to Step Down After Cocaine Conviction

“Therefore, Congressman Radel should step down and focus his attention on rehabilitation and his family.”

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Americans Step Up, Show What Personal Responsibility Looks Like in Effort to Help Houston Cop and His Wife in Time of Need

Tragedy hit a family in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 15 when Harris County deputy constable Joe Williams and his wife, Laurie, were badly injured in a tollbooth collision. A garbage truck hit their vehicle going about 65 mph while they were stopped and paying the toll.

The driver of the garbage truck blew through the toll area and hit two other cars before the vehicle burst into flames, killing the driver and another person.

Army SSgt Surprises Step Daughter After 11 Month Deployment

Army Staff Sgt. Mike Howes surprises his step daughter, Jasmyne, during her high school class on Monday morning. Howes has been deployed for the past 11 months. Jasmyne had no idea he was home.
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Calif. Parents Whose Baby Was Seized by Police Are One Step Closer to Regaining Full Custody After Court Ruling

Calif. Parents Whose Baby Was Seized by Police Say They Are One Step Closer to Regaining Custody After Court Ruling

Anna and Alex Nikolayev with their baby, Sammy. (Photo: Facebook/Bring Sammy Home)

The 5-month-old baby boy who was seized by authorities in Sacramento, Calif. will be transferred to a Bay Area hospital for further medical evaluation, a court ruled Monday. However, the baby’s parents are celebrating a victory as they can now see him whenever they want and will be in charge of all the child’s medical decisions moving forward.

Secret Service Chief to Step Down This Month

Secret Service Chief Mark Sullivan to Step Down This Month

Mark Sullivan, Director of the united States Secret Service, listens during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill May 23, 2012 in Washington, DC. Sullivan was called to testify about the recent prostitution scandal involving members of the Secret Service in Cartagena, Columbia prior to a visit by US President Barack Obama. Credit: AFP/Getty Images

U.S. Army Specialist Surprises His Mom & Step Dad for Christmas