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‘We Are Trending Toward Progressive Hell’: Blaze Readers React to Judge Ruling Justina Pelletier to Remain in State’s Custody

“Take her to the Cleveland Clinic or Johns Hopkins. There apparently isn’t a teaspoon of sense in New England.”

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Snow Storms Hit The Eastern United States

For one it means it will be a nightmare to go anywhere, for others it means hours and hours of fun in the snow. …

Australia’s Dr Death Philip Nitschke Importing Suicide Kits Into the United States

In his most recent newsletter, Philip Nitschke, Australia’s Dr Death, claims to have found a way to import suicide kits into the United States, starting in January 2014, under the cover of his Max Dog Brewing kit. Nitschke admitted that his Max Dog Brewing kits are in fact Suicide kits that he sends to people who […]…

States Get an Ice Shellacking: Here Are the Frosty Pictures

“…I guess we’ll call it an Ice Friday.”

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27 States Have Done Nothing to Stop Tax-Funded Abortions in Obamacare

Obamacare will entangle taxpayer funds in abortion coverage offered on state and federal exchanges and could force many Americans to unwittingly pay a surcharge for elective abortion. This system could potentially place many Americans in an unwanted and unnecessary dilemma, forced to choose between violating their values by directly subsidizing abo…

Sixteen States Tell Supreme Court: Uphold Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

A group of 16 states have filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court this week that encourage the high court to reverse a federal appeals court decision overturning a ban the state of Arizona passed to ban abortions after 20 weeks because unborn children feel pain.

North Carolina: Morrisville Town Council to Consider Changes to State’s New Pro-Gun Law TONIGHT

Tonight, the Morrisville Town Council will be meeting, and one of the items being discussed is the new state law that limits how local governments may restrict your right to self-defense while in a park that is under local control

Back Online: Electronic Food Stamp Access Restored in All 17 Affected States

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

People in Ohio, Michigan and 15 other states found themselves temporarily unable to use their food stamp debit-style cards on Saturday after a routine test of backup systems by vendor Xerox Corp. resulted in a system failure.

Back Online: Electronic Food Stamp Access Restored in 17 Affected States

(Credit: Twitter/Mike Pinto)

Xerox announced late in the evening that access had been restored for users in the 17 states affected by the outage, hours after the first problems were reported.

United States Has Top 10 Most Pro-Abortion Law Worldwide, Obama Makes It Worse

This past Friday, the Obama Administration asked the Supreme Court “to decide that for-profit corporations cannot deny their employees the health coverage of contraceptives to which the employees are otherwise entitled by federal law, based on the religious objections of the corporation’s owners”. According to Religion News Service’s Sarah Pulliam Bailey:

Illinois Supreme Court Declares State’s Ban on Carrying Firearms Unconstitutional

In an unusually forceful and straightforward opinion in the case of People v. Aguilar, the Supreme Court of Illinois unanimously held that the state’s “comprehensive ban” on the “use of an operable firearm for self-defense outside the home” is invalid on its face under the Second Amendment.  The NRA had participated in the case with an amicus brief.

Idaho Enters into Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Agreements With 14 More States

On July 1, Idaho’s Office of the Attorney General sent a letter to all states requesting them to consider and establish recognition of Idaho’s license to carry a concealed weapon and/or enhanced license to carry a concealed weapon.  Since then, Idaho has entered into full concealed carry reciprocity agreements with 14 states.

Video: Similar ‘UFO’ Sightings in Two States on the Same Day

Videos out of Tuscon, Arizona, and Kansas City, Missouri, show what those witnessing the events over the weekend believe are unidentified flying objects (UFOs). An expert though is saying they likely have earthly origins.

RealUFOs.net reported receiving several videos from different sources showing lights flying in a triangular formation Saturday night near Kansas City.

ufo lights in sky

Here’s an example of the lights seen in Kansas City. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

A Pellet Gun, an Open Container of Alcohol, a Vehicle in a No-Parking Zone: What Not to Bring When Photographing the Secretary of State’s Home

BOSTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Authorities have arrested a man spotted outside Secretary of State John Kerry’s home reportedly taking photographs of a window.

A pellet gun was found in the man’s vehicle, a Kerry spokesman said.

State Department security officers called Boston police when the man’s vehicle was seen in a no-parking zone near Kerry’s Louisburg Square house.

As Some States Dismiss Firearms Manufacturers, Others Welcome Them

In a 24-7 vote on April 10, the Texas state Senate gave preliminary approval to a measure that would direct the state Economic Development and Tourism Office to facilitate the relocation or expansion of businesses that manufacture firearms, ammunition and shooting accessories. SB 1467 grants state officials authority to draw money from the Texas Enterprise Fund and to seek special franchise tax exemptions, sales tax exemptions and other incentives for firearms-related companies that move to the Lone Star State or for gunmakers already located there with plan to expand their facilities.

Pro-Suppressor Legislation Seeing Success in More States

On February 18, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead signed a measure permitting the use of firearm suppressors for all types of hunting, and this week two other states appear poised to approve similar measures during their respective 2013 legislative sessions.

If North Dakota and Indiana join Wyoming with pro-suppressor legislation this year, the number of states permitting the devices for hunting will total 30.