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‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Defends Bible, Actress Touts Her Christian Faith on Live TV & Pope Francis Stuns: The 10 Biggest Faith Stories of the Week

“You have to read the Bible and make up your own mind.”

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Australian TV Star Commits Suicide After Massive Guilt Following Abortion

Abortion proponents push for easy access to abortion, deemphasizing its after-affects to the point they absolutely refuse to acknowledge post-abortion depression, which further incapacitates those actually living through it. This is such a tragedy. Charlotte Dawson, RIP, was born in New Zealand but achieved fame in Australia as a model and a judge …

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Willie Robertson Is Supposedly a Really, Really Good Tipper

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Turret Star Drill Mil-Based Target

Use this target when performing Shooting Illustrated’s January 2014 “Skills Check” Turret Star Drill with a mil-based re…
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‘Fast & Furious’ Star Paul Walker’s Official Cause of Death Revealed

Meanwhile, Universal Pictures announced that it has shut down production for an unspecified time on “Fast & Furious 7.”

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Navy Commander Traded U.S. Military Secrets for Concert Tickets Featuring This Pop Star, Feds Say

Story by the Associated Press; curated by Dave Urbanski

SAN DIEGO (AP) — Federal authorities say a gregarious Malaysian businessman nicknamed “Fat Leonard” obtained U.S. military secrets by lining up hookers and other bribes for a Navy commander.

Among those other bribes were Lady Gaga concert tickets.

Feds: Navy Secrets Bought with Hookers, Lady Gaga Tickets

(Image source: Getty Images)

The accusations unfolding in a federal court case in San Diego signal serious national security breaches and corruption.

Teen With Down Syndrome Becomes Star Model for Clothing Store Wet Seal

Karrie is a 17-year-old model for Wet Seal. And she has Down syndrome.

Karrie’s mom, Sue Brown, tells xojane the story of her daughter who reminds us that Down syndrome isn’t a disease and the children can blossom by being themselves. Karrie has been allowed to become a remarkable young woman who shows the world that life is what people make of it.

Report: NSA director modeled a war room after Star Trek’s Enterprise to impress officials [pic]

We know the IRS spent in the neighborhood of $ 60,000 for a Star Trek parody video, but years earlier the man who is now the Director of the National Security Agency designed a “war room” inspired by the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The doors reportedly even make the “whoosh” sound when they slide open and closed:

Why TV star Tamera Mowry-Housley and others chose celibacy before marriage

Tamera Mowry-Housley

Tamera Mowry-Housley and husband Adam Housley.

I have a confession to make. Although I’m not much of a TV watcher a certain celebrity has caught my attention. Tamera Mowry-Housley is my favorite person on the screen these days. Her sweet personality, love for family and strong values make her a shining light in the midst of entertainment’s darkness.

Video: Fan Stuns WWE Star With Punch to the Groin During Live Event

WWE star Randy Orton was apparently attacked by a fan who climbed into the ring during an event in Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday.

Amateur video taken of the incident shows Orton pumping up the crowd and standing on a turnbuckle when an unidentified man suddenly approaches him from behind and striking him in the groin.

Obama Comes Into Texas, As Young Lone Star Sen. Cruz Bashed By the Left in DC

‘Wilkow!’ Thursday featured two segments involving the Lone Star State; one about its junior senator and the other its most famous current visitor.

“Guns & Patriots” Editor Neil McCabe first joined the show to discuss President Barack Obama’s trip to Texas to promote manufacturing jobs — and the irony that comes with that as gun makers are already planning to move to Texas after their home states passed strict gun laws. In the clip below, McCabe and Wilkow discuss the vanishing pro-gun Democrats and the left’s strategy from Capitol Hill for national gun control laws:

Groan: DC government issues Death Star zoning rules for #MayTheFourth

Even Star Wars Day involves permits and regulations when the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs is involved.

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Police: Lone Star Stabber Planned Attack for Some Time, Had Fantasies of Stabbing People to Death Since Elementary School

CYPRESS, Texas (AP) — A 20-year-old student went on a building-to-building stabbing attack at a Texas community college Tuesday, wounding at least 14 people – many in the face and neck – before being subdued and arrested, authorities said Tuesday.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that Dylan Quick had been planning the attack at the Lone Star College System’s campus in Cypress for some time and had fantasies of stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school.

Meet the Student Who Claims That He Tackled the Lone Star Stabber Then Posted a Picture of Suspect on Instagram

Though it has yet to be confirmed, Fox News and other outlets have interviewed a Lone Star College student who claims that he helped tackle the serial stabber who injured at least 14 Tuesday. The student, identified as Steven Maida, then reportedly snapped a photo and posted it on Instagram for the world to see.

Meet the Student Who Claims That He Tackled the Lone Star Stabber Then Posted a Picture of Suspect on Instagram


Maida then apparently took this selfie from the back of a police cruiser:

Meet the Student Who Claims That He Tackled the Lone Star Stabber Then Posted a Picture of Suspect on Instagram


IRS Apologizes for Wasting Taxpayer Money on ‘Star Trek’ Parody: ‘Not…the Best Stewardship of Resources’

IRS Apologizes for Star Trek Parody, Training Videos Costing Taxpayers $  60,000

This video image from an Internal Revenue Service video shows IRS employees portraying “Star Trek” characters in a video parodying the TV show that was made for a 2010 IRS training and leadership conference. (Photo: AP)

(TheBlaze/AP) — Nobody’s going to win an Emmy for a parody of the TV show “Star Trek” filmed by Internal Revenue Service employees at an agency studio in Maryland.

Instead, the IRS got a rebuke from Congress for wasting taxpayer dollars.

Set taxpayers to ‘stunned’: IRS boldly spends $60,000 on ‘Star Trek’ training video

Do you want to see the “Star Trek” training video the IRS shot? You might as well — you paid for it.

CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson has distinguished herself as a journalist with her reporting on Benghazigate and Fast and Furious, but it doesn’t take an investigative reporter to know how well $ 60,000 worth of amateur video will fly while White House tours are being cut because of sequestration.

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