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Rand Paul Invokes Martin Luther King Jr. to Slam Obama, Others on NSA Spying

“I find it ironic that the first African-American president has without compunction allowed this vast exercise of raw power by the NSA.”

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Military family members and vets slam film critic who called ‘Lone Survivor’ a ‘jingoistic snuff film’

Mock our military; you reap what you sow.
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Double bam! Cruz, Laura Ingraham slam spineless GOP; Ingraham has idea for future surrender

Bingo. As Twitchy reported Tuesday, Senate leadership (term used very loosely) “compromised” to avoid Sen. Reid’s “nuclear option” threat. You see, silly Republicans are to confirm Obama nominees in order to find out who they are. Vetting? That’s for suckas!

Sen. Cruz, who recently shredded Sen. Reid over Obamacare with one tweet, called it like it is:

Boom-tastic! Larry Elder, Brit Hume tweet epic Al Sharpton slam

Boom, bam and slam!

Indeed. As Twitchy reported, conservative author Larry Elder took to Twitter to offer up some refreshing reality checks after the George Zimmerman verdict of not guilty was announced. He didn’t stop there: He also took on the shameless and shameful Al Sharpton, who called the verdict an “atrocity.”

Mock like the wind! Laura Ingraham, others slam gun-toting Obama Father’s Day pic

Egads! A gun?

The White House tweeted out that photo for Father’s Day.

The predictable All About Obama nonsense aside, what’s up with the gun?

Slam! Iowahawk blasts Obama, NSA; Asks key and hilarious question

Bam! Game over.

Except it’s not: Iowahawk continued slamming President Obama and the NSA over the surveillance scandal as only he can.

Heh. Like Dennis Miller said, “it’s getting creepy out there.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s Response to Obama’s Slam: ‘He’s Trying to Goad Me Into Saying Something Extreme’

Rush Limbaugh Responds to the Presidents Claim That Republicans are Scared to Reach Across the Aisle Because Theyll be Punished by Fox News & Talk Radio

President Barack Obama during an interview last week with the left-leaning publication The New Republic said that Fox News and conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh are to blame for Washington gridlock.

“Well, look, I’ve always believed that there are a bunch of Republicans of goodwill who would rather get something done than suffer through the sort of nasty atmosphere that prevails in Washington right now,” said the president.

Blue-on-blue: Libs slam Sen. Harry Reid for agreeing to filibuster reform

In two votes tonight, the Senate approved modest reforms which are intended to help break the gridlock in Washington and move legislation through Congress more quickly.