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ATI Halo Side Saddle for Remington 870

Having more rounds for your self-defense scattergun is critical. ATI has a handy sidesaddle to keep more ammo at the ready….
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They Were in the Middle of a Brutal Race Through the Amazon When Something Strayed Out of the Woods and Refused to Leave Their Side

“Best story ever.”

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Creepy smiles explained! Plus, is this the most eww-inducing, disturbing bright side to Obama-Biden selfie?

So there’s that?
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‘What does that even mean?’ President Obama says ‘we stand on the side of history’; Update: Full quote added

Yesterday, President Obama let Vladimir Putin know that Russia is on “the wrong side of history.” Today, we found out that we’re just … “on the side”: Pres. Obama says 'we stand on the side of history' in regard to #Ukraine crisis with #Russia. on @ajam live now.— Jonathan Betz (@jebetz) March 04,…
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‘Like Putin cares’: President Cliché warns Russia not to be on ‘wrong side of history’

In remarks delivered today during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Obama entered phase II of the effort to convince Vladimir Putin to pull Russian troops out of Ukraine: Lobbing clichés: Pres Obama says its clear from condemnations around the world, Russia "is on the wrong side of history on this."—…
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Laughter the Best Medicine? Study Details Some Harmful Side Effects

“It remains to be seen whether sick jokes make you ill…”

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Horror: 7 Bodies Found in Plastic Chairs Along Side of the Road in Mexico

Drug War: 7 Bodies Found in Plastic Chairs Along Side of the Road in Michoacan, Mexico | Guerrero

Two masked men of Urapicho village, in Michoacan state, members of a security commission, stand guard in a main entrance. Since last August 15, people from this indigenous village in western Mexico have been blocking access to their community and declared a ‘state of siege’ against organized crime armed groups. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

MORELIA, Mexico (TheBlaze/AP) — The horrifying gang violence that has ravaged Mexico in recent years shows no signs of abating.