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Victoria’s Secret 2014 Fashion Show

It’s the most watched and anticipated fashion show of the year and the people behind lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret never disappoint. […]…

Voter suppression in action: President made to show driver’s license to vote

Obama voted early in Chicago.
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Soldier Surprises Family During Amusement Park Show

Soldier Surprises Family During Amusement Park ShowStaff Sergeant Justin Haggerty came home from deployment and surprised his family d…
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Leaked pics show overcrowded Border Patrol facilities in Texas

Gov. Jan Brewer blasted the Obama administration.
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That guy from that one show goes on an idiotic rant against the 2nd Amendment

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Show us the money! Homer Hickam wants people to see where their tax dollars go

Let’s have some transparency!
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First-of-Its Kind Video Claims to Show Meteor Narrowly Missing Skydiver – Why Many Viewers Are Unimpressed

“I expected a big flaming whoosh.”

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Stephen Colbert’s Politically Incorrect Joke on Twitter Has People Calling for His Show to Be Cancelled


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A Heartwarming Military Reunion on The Ellen Show

Jessica Gerren thought she was here to watch a taping of the show. What she didn’t know was that her husband, who was serving overseas, had returned and was backstage waiting to surprise her. This may be the most touching reunion in the history of the show. Welcome Home Blog

Obama’s National Security Team Meets on Escalating Ukraine Crisis — Guess Who Reportedly Doesn’t Show?

“Russia retains the right to protect its interests and the Russian-speaking population of those areas.”

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First lady’s #LetsMove hashtag hijacked following ‘Tonight Show’ appearance

First lady Michelle Obama used her “Tonight Show” appearance Thursday to promote her Let’s Move fitness initiative, as well as the upcoming “How do you move?” social media effort. If there's enough of a response at #letsmove, "the president and maybe the vice president will show us how they move," @flotus …
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The 108th National Western Stock Show

The 108th National Western Stock Show, which features more than 15,000 head of livestock, is known throughout the farming community. Prizes can be claimed and rodeos won, but the coolest thing must surely be little kids riding sheep. [capt […]…

Future of ‘Duck Dynasty’ in Question? ‘We Cannot Imagine the Show Going Forward Without Our Patriarch’

“Phil would never incite or encourage hate.”

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These Pictures Show Something Locals Say Hasn’t Happened in More Than 100 Years

“…rare as a polar bear in Central Africa.”

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‘Today’ Show Apologizes for ‘Offensive’ On-Air Mocking of Fake Sign Language Interpreter

“Wrong. Let’s not do that.”

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Lampoons Al Sharpton’s ‘Politics Nation’ Show

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Americans Step Up, Show What Personal Responsibility Looks Like in Effort to Help Houston Cop and His Wife in Time of Need

Tragedy hit a family in Houston, Texas, on Nov. 15 when Harris County deputy constable Joe Williams and his wife, Laurie, were badly injured in a tollbooth collision. A garbage truck hit their vehicle going about 65 mph while they were stopped and paying the toll.

The driver of the garbage truck blew through the toll area and hit two other cars before the vehicle burst into flames, killing the driver and another person.