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White House Press Secretary: 275 ‘armed services personnel’ deployed to Iraq [pic]

“With the consent of the Government of Iraq.”
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Funeral Services Set for Woman Who Died in Botched Five-Month Abortion

Funeral services have been set for LaKisha Wilson, 22, who died at Preterm abortion clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. LaKisha’s funeral will be held on Monday, April 7 at 1PM at the House of the Lord, 1650 Diagonal Road in Akron, OH. We ask for prayers for LaKisha’s grieving family as we continue to seek answers […]…

Social Services Takes Mom’s Unborn Baby: “Please Don’t Take My Daughter Away”

A mother in England is fighting for custody of her daughter after a judge forced her to undergo a cesarean section and put her baby up for adoption. The woman is an Italian national who is visiting the U.K. for a work trip and her newborn infant has been taken from her reportedly because she […]…

Obamacare fail: Federal Data Services Hub down (again)

Just for context, here are some tweets from just three days ago:

Study: Planned Parenthood Health Services at Lowest Point Since 2006 While Tax $ Up 78%

The Planned Parenthood abortion business says it repeatedly:  it’s about women’s health care not abortion. The abortion business will have much to explain following a new study released today by American Life League.

For years, conservatives and pro-life groups have fought public tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood because it is primarily an abortion business and the new study backs up that claim. The meta-study by American Life League shows that the total healthcare services delivered by Planned Parenthood have reached their lowest point since 2006, while taxpayer funding has increased 78 percent over the past six years.

Abylon APP-BLOCKER blocks unnecessary applications and services with just one click!

After the Windows startup, the computer runs many applications (APPs) automatically. Most of the time these processes are not visible to the user. A lot of APPs are monitoring the computer, checking for updates or running periodic tasks. Any launched application requires the part of the processing power, memory and slows down the computer. The abylon APP-BLOCKER software shows all applications clearly in a treeview, like the entries in the startup menu and registry, as well as all running services and processes. One click is enough to disable or remove the APP from startup permanently.

Lauren Sivan can’t wait to ‘get gay married in Calif.’; Rick Leventhal offers his services

Oh my! Fox News’ Lauren Sivan set tongues wagging with that male-fantasy-inspiring tweet.

She also received a proposal from CBS’ Joy Benedict.

Take a deep breath, fellas!