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No, seriously: Wendy Davis nail art is a thing

What a woman chooses to do with her fingernails is a personal decision between her and her manicurist. And now, women fighting a proposed Texas law that would require them to make the choice to have an abortion within the first 5 months of pregnancy aren’t waiting for state Sen. Wendy Davis to show up on a campaign poster for governor; instead, they’re choosing to have their new hero emblazoned on their fingernails.

6-Year-Old Given Detention, Forced to Apologize After Bringing This Seriously Tiny Plastic Gun on School Bus

A 6-year-old kindergarten student in Massachusetts is accused of causing a “disturbance” and “traumatizing” other students by bringing a very tiny plastic toy gun on the school bus last week.

The “gun” brandished by the young boy was barely bigger than a quarter.

The child’s mother, Mieke Crane, told WGGB-TV that school officials at Old Mill Pond Elementary in Palmer, Mass., seriously overreacted after another student saw the toy and told the bus driver on Friday.

Check Out This Seriously Awesome Video of Rick Perry Firing a Semi-Auto Rifle Unveiled at the NRA Convention

Texas Gov. Rick Perry spoke Friday at the Nation Rifle Association’s annual convention in Houston, Texas.

But before he took the stage, NRA organizers debuted the following video of the governor in rare form [via the Washington Examiner]:

Final Thought: Everyone knows Gov. Perry is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. But who knew that he was such a good shot?

Also, good call on the Ted Nugent background music. Rifles and “Stranglehold.”