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California Attorney General Seeks En Banc Review of Ninth Circuit’s Denial of her Request to Intervene in Peruta Case

Today, November 26, California Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris filed a request for en banc review of the Ninth Circuit’s denial of her request to intervene in the NRA supported case of Peruta v. San Diego, which produced a landmark decision striking down as a violation of the Second Amendment San Diego County Sheriff William Gore’s policy o…

‘President with no stones visits some': Twitter seeks ultimate #ObamaStonehengeCaption

The president’s detour inspired a full-fledged hashtag.
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Mayor of Chicago seeks to further tighten gun laws

Mayor Rahm Emanuel outlined a plan on Wednesday to make Chicago’s gun laws, already some of the strictest in the country, even tougher….

Baby Born With “Heart-Shaped Head:” Family Seeks Help for Newborn With Large Tumor on His Face

The family of a newborn baby in Indonesia is actively seeking help for the newborn son, who was born with a large tumor on his face that makes him appear to have a heart-shaped head. Muhammad Nafi, who is two weeks old, was born with a huge facial tumour and the London Daily Mail reports […]…

Community Seeks Comfort in Church As Confirmed Death Toll Rises From Washington Mudslide

“At a time like this, everybody knows they’ve got to have God’s help.”

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OFA seeks ‘Spring Fellows’; Must be willing to lobby for living wage and work for free

Interesting question. “Organizing for Action” seeks trainees to help forward the “progressive agenda”: Interested in fighting for a progressive agenda? Apply to be an OFA Spring Fellow: OFA.BO/yRQKx9 http://t.co/lIUE4Cm4Qi—   (@OFA) December 04, 2013 Many were asking a question that shouldn’t even have to be…
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Jake Tapper seeks Obamacare enrollment numbers from White House; Crickets ensue

Emphasis on the word trying.

Yesterday, CNN confirmed that 52,000 Obamacare applications had been started on sites associated with the 24 states that have their own exchanges, and Jake Tapper is now attempting to find out the number of people enrolled (or attempting to enroll) through the federal site:

Sen. Blumenthal seeks to restart the gun debate

One of the leaders of Democrats’ push for gun control earlier this year says it’s “absolutely mandatory” for lawmakers to revisit such legislation following this week’s gun tragedies, such as the averted school shooting in Georgia and the killing of an Australian college baseball player in Oklahoma.“We need to restart the conversation,” Connecticut senator Richard Blumenthal said on MSNBC earlier today. “This agenda and debate needs to come back to this country.”

Slutbags need not apply: ‘Anthony Weiner Mayoral Campaign’ seeks new interns [pic]

For those of you who were wondering just what it takes to be Anthony Weiner’s intern, wonder no more. Take a long, hard look at these flyers popping up all over New York City:

‘No cops.’ ‘No gag reflex.’ ‘Some cameras.’ The ads may be fake, but they ring true. Painfully true.

Australian Winery Seeks to Pull Its Wine From the NRA Wine Club (Yes, They Have One of Those)

Australian Winery Wants to Pull Its Wine From the NRA Wine Club

NRA Wine Club (Screengrab via Fox News)

An Australian winery wants to pull its wine from the National Rifle Association Wine Club. And yes, it’s a real wine club.

After discovering that the NRA was selling four of its wines on the club’s international list, winemaker Yalumba is seeking to detach itself from the NRA, Fox News reports.