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Seattle demonstrators ruin kids’ Christmas for Mike Brown

“Pure thuggery.”
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‘Relocating now’: Seattle raises minimum wage to $15 an hour

Who’s next?
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Hungry Seattle anarchists take anti-capitalism break to buy Dick’s burgers [photo]

Dick’s Drive In is a beloved hamburger joint in Seattle with six locations and 40 years of history in the region. On their annual May Day rampage tonight, hungry anarchists took a break from vandalizing private businesses and threatening police to load up on carbs at the Dick’s on Broadway. Who can blame them? Dick’s […] Twitchy » US Politics

Super Bowl 48: Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XLVIII was meant to be the perfect game for American football fans. The best defense of the regular season versus the best offense of the regular season. And both teams were their respected division champions. […]…

Mystery Object Blocks ‘Bertha’, the Giant Tunnel Boring Machine in Seattle

“…I’m stuck.”

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Clerk frightens robbers with revolver, KOMO, Seattle, Wash. November 24, 2013, Seattle Police Blotter, Seattle, Wash. November 24, 2013

Robert Moore was working a shift at the Morning Star Mini Mart in Seattle, Wash. when a pair of masked criminals entered, brandished what appeared to be a gun, and attempted to rob the store. Moore responded by retrieving a revolver and telling the criminals, “I have a bigger one than you do.” Moore’s actions caused the robbers to flee the st…

Business owner fells one intruder and captures another, The Seattle Times, Seattle, Wash. October 2, 2013

The owner of Frager Farm Stand and Fruit Tree Nursery in Kent, Wash. was about to go to bed when he heard a suspicious noise at his business, which is right next to his home. The owner retrieved a shotgun, went to investigate, and discovered a pair of intruders inside the farm stand’s office. The owner shot and killed one of the criminals and held the other at gunpoint until police could arrive. The break-in was the second in as many days for the farm stand. An investigation revealed that the surviving burglar was facing a domestic violence charge and had a recent history of drug use. 

High concept: Seattle police fight Hempfest munchies with ‘Operation Orange Fingers’

As promised, the Seattle Police Department came through with its offer of free Doritos for attendees of Seattle’s Hempfest celebration Saturday. “Operation Orange Fingers” (their code name, not ours) was intended to educate the public by including a list of marijuana dos and don’ts on each bag. For example, citizens were urged not to drive while high, but encouraged to enjoy Hempfest and “listen to Dark Side of the Moon at a reasonable volume.”

Politically correct Seattle removes ‘citizen’ from city’s vocabulary

The Handbook of Racial Code Words filled up pretty quickly during the 2012 campaign, with words like “chair,” “crime” and “kitchen cabinet” being identified as subtle nods to white supremacy. With the election in the history books and immigration reform making its way through Congress, the word police changed focus and the Associated Press agreed it was time to retire the terms “illegal immigrant,” “illegal alien” and “undocumented.”

Christian street preachers assaulted at gay pride festival in Seattle [video]

Two men were arrested Sunday for attacking Christian street preachers at a gay pride festival in Seattle. A video shows the two Christian preachers actively avoiding a man who had approached them in a menacing manner. After members of the NOH8 crowd ripped the protesters’ signs down, at least one of the two Christian preachers was apparently punched repeatedly before police arrived and made two arrests. At least one of the two suspects has been in trouble with the law before:

May Day protester brags about punching Seattle P.D. officer

Occupy Wall Street activist Taylor Hall attended the May Day protest in Seattle yesterday. This morning, Hall tweeted this video out to his Twitter followers along with this statement: “Wow they caught me punching a #cop at 3:35, nice!”

Hall, who identifies himself as a Marxist Leninist Socialist, subsequently deleted his tweet, but not before Twitchy was able to capture it for posterity.

Hall also posted the video to his Facebook page, along with this note: “Please watch and enjoy…”