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Hunter Shoots Deer — 63 Seconds Later, Video Shows Him Getting the Absolute Scare of a Lifetime!

“I knew it wasnt dead…”

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The Texas Demographics Chart That Will Excite Democrats, Scare Republicans

Republicans generally understand that if Texas ever turned blue, the GOP would have an extremely difficult time winning a national presidential election.

While the Lone Star State is still happily conservative, Democrats and progressives are hoping that the state’s booming Hispanic/Latino population coupled with the diminishing young white population will help make the state a toss up in the future.

As Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal points out, a demographics chart based on U.S. Census data shows that the Latino population among younger generations — future voters — is growing rapidly. However, whites are still the majority among people aged 45 and older.

Nonetheless, Republicans will likely have to find a way to appeal to Latino and Hispanic voters in order to keep Texas a Republican state over the long term. In 2012, Hispanic voters voted for President Barack Obama over Mitt Romney 71% to 27%.

Take a look:

The Texas Demographics Chart That Will Excite Democrats, Scare Republicans

(Michael Li, Twitter)

(H/T: Michael Li, Twitter)

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Apocalypse soon: Democrats ramp up scare campaign over sequestration cuts

It’s a vast oversimplification, but it works. The sequestration cuts scheduled to take effect next week were split down the middle between defense and non-defense spending to motivate both Democrats and Republicans to find alternative spending cuts. The GOP certainly wouldn’t allow defense programs to be cut, would it? Social programs, sure. Just perform a quick Google search of “sequestration cuts” and you’ll find headlines like “11 Drastic Sequester Cuts Threatening Average Americans” and “‘Meat Cleaver’ Sequestration Cuts to Hit Teachers, FBI Agents.”

Democrats have been trying to pin the “brutal” cuts on the House GOP despite the fact that the sequester originated in the White House. So, what sort of cuts are in store with the #Obamaquester? Let the Dems give you an idea of the post-apocalyptic wasteland that awaits. (Hint: expect food poisoning, cancer and possibly another school massacre.)

Wow, sounds bad. What other nightmares does the #Obamaquester hold?

Scared yet? The unflappable Charles Krauthammer urges you not to be.

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