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Hunter Shoots Deer — 63 Seconds Later, Video Shows Him Getting the Absolute Scare of a Lifetime!

“I knew it wasnt dead…”

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The Texas Demographics Chart That Will Excite Democrats, Scare Republicans

Republicans generally understand that if Texas ever turned blue, the GOP would have an extremely difficult time winning a national presidential election.

While the Lone Star State is still happily conservative, Democrats and progressives are hoping that the state’s booming Hispanic/Latino population coupled with the diminishing young white population will help make the state a toss up in the future.

Apocalypse soon: Democrats ramp up scare campaign over sequestration cuts

It’s a vast oversimplification, but it works. The sequestration cuts scheduled to take effect next week were split down the middle between defense and non-defense spending to motivate both Democrats and Republicans to find alternative spending cuts. The GOP certainly wouldn’t allow defense programs to be cut, would it? Social programs, sure. Just perform a quick Google search of “sequestration cuts” and you’ll find headlines like “11 Drastic Sequester Cuts Threatening Average Americans” and “‘Meat Cleaver’ Sequestration Cuts to Hit Teachers, FBI Agents.”