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Google Bets You’ll Ride in Their Free Taxis

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No Pants Subway Ride Day 2014 hits trains worldwide

No Pants Day was created by a group of pranksters called “Improv Everywhere.” and regarding to these pranksters No Pants Day is all about good fun. The 13th Annual No Pants Subway Ride took place on sunday January 12 and the event also happened […]…

‘It Sounded Really Bad’: 13 Children Injured After Festival Swing Ride Loses Power and Falls to the Ground (UPDATE: Children May Have Been Trapped Under Ride)

A swing ride injured 13 children, some seriously, after it malfunctioned and fell to the ground at a festival in Norwalk, Conn. Sunday, reports WVIT-TV.

CNN reports the ride “apparently lost power causing the children on the ride to forcefully fall to the ground,” according to the Norwalk police Facebook page.

CNN: 13 Children Injured After Swing Ride Loses Power at Festival

(Credit: Twitter/Rob Polansky)

According to The Hour, a Norwalk newspaper, officials first called in the incident as a “mass casualty” with possible entrapment, and crews freed all children from any entrapment quickly.

Video Captures Teens Hitching Wild Ride on the Back of Semi Going 45 MPH

A pair of Boston teens were spotted in a dangerous stunt Thursday as they clung to the back of a semi-truck going down the highway.

KHOU-TV reported witnesses estimating the truck was going about 45 miles per hour as the teens hung on, unbeknown to the truck driver.

teens on semi

Teens clung to the back of a semi that was on the interstate in Boston. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

The straw man is strong in this one: Libs ride #notetotheodiousgop into the sunset

We don’t see the word “odious” in a hashtag very often, so for that reason—along with so many responses being hilariously devoid of party introspection and heavy in psychological projection—below is a selection from the Left’s #notetotheodiousgop.

Peruse the selection and you’ll see there are more straw men here than you’d find at your local Scarecrow Warehouse outlet.

Inspiring: George Bush, Wounded Warriors complete W100K bike ride

Former President George W. Bush and 14 wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans completed the third annual W100K mountain bike ride earlier today, held this year at Bush’s ranch in Crawford, Texas. The Bush Center has been documenting the ride since Day 1 and provided plenty of inspirational photos from the final miles.