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‘Tell that to your husband’: In China, Michelle Obama touts freedom of speech, religion, Internet

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Religion or Science: What is the Basis for the Pro-Life View?

Washington, DC (LiveActionFilms) — One of the most shocking conversations I have experienced occurred on a train. 

I was in the lounge car, watching the sun rise as we glided through the gritty precincts of Los Angeles.  Sitting next to me was a young man, about my age, who was an atheist.  We had become entangled in a debate on religion, and I was pressing him to concede the reality of objective moral values.

‘Horror Is Religion Itself’: Atheist’s Creepy Flick Depicts Catholicism as Evil Force Instead of the Devil

Director Rodrigo Gudino—who grew up Catholic but is now an atheist—explained to NPR that he wanted to get away from using the Devil as the face of evil and instead “present a religious horror film where the religious horror is religion itself.”

Atheists Horror Film, The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, Depicts Catholicism as the Evil Force

(Credit: YouTube) 

It’s titled The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh, and it’s apparently a hit at the Cannes film festival. Gudino reported that no one left his screening there and that that “afterwards we were approached by distributors and festival programmers eager to spread the word.”

NY Councilman Grabs Headlines Over ‘Pagan’ Religion That Allegedly Saw Him Tied to a Tree and Flogged

New York Councilman Dan Halloran Allegedly Belongs to Theodish Pagan Religion

(Photo: Facebook/Dan Halloran)

New York City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Queens) was one of the politicians arrested last week over an alleged plot to rig the upcoming New York City mayoral race.

But lately he’s been grabbing headlines for another reason — apparently he belongs to a pre-Christian “pagan” religion, and its leaders once punished him by tying him to a tree and flogging him.

New York Councilman Dan Halloran Allegedly Belongs to Theodish Pagan Religion

Dan Halloran allegedly leads a pagan ritual. (New Normandy via the Village Voice)