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Breaking: North Korea releases Americans Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller

DNI confirms release.
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Citizens United releases ‘Rocky Mountain Heist’ film after legal victory [video]

“My Tea Party sense is tingling.”
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‘This is horrifying': Pollster Frank Luntz releases latest favorability ratings

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Bob Bergdahl now tweeting for more Guantanamo releases

He’s lobbying for the release of five Tunisians.
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‘An Open Declaration That Reality Doesn’t Matter’: White House Releases Obama’s Latest Budget Proposal

“The president’s budget is yet another disappointment because it reinforces the status quo.”

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Jokes, Worries and Great Expectations: Fed Releases Notes From 2008 Financial Crisis Meetings

The science of monetary policy.”

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Republican Party Releases Statement Commemorating Kwanzaa: ‘Reminds Us of the Great Diversity in America’

“…a wonderful opportunity for all of us to honor the importance of family and community…”


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Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Releases “Twelve Days of Contraception” Christmas Song

Leave it to Planned Parenthood to come up with a way to bastardize Christmas with a song that distorts the traditional Christmas song 12 Days of Christmas. In the version staffers of the Arizona affiliate of the abortion business have come up with, the 12 Days of Contraception, the tune refers to boxes of condoms, […]…

Sebelius Releases Official Obamacare ‘Sign Up’ Numbers—and They’re Exactly What You’d Expect

Roughly 106,185 people signed up for Obamacare through the federal and state-run exchanges in October, according to official numbers released Wednesday by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

This figure is well below the White House’s initial estimates of 500,000 for the month of October.

Approximately 26,794 people enrolled in Obamacare through the error-riddled multimillion-dollar healthcare.gov website.

‘BOOM crowd’ conspicuously un-boomy as BLS releases dismal jobs report

What, no pom-poms and “rah-rah-econo-meh” from the usual suspects today?

Here’s why: Putting a positive spin on 7.3 percent unemployment is a fast track to beclownment no matter how cute the Left thinks its Obama cheerleader uniforms are.

We’re looking at downward revisions of June and July employment numbers and a 35-year low in workforce participation.

Obama Admin Releases Final Draft of Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate

The Obama administration today released the final draft of the HHS mandate that will force religiously-run groups and companis to pay for abotion-causing drugs and birth control in violaton of their consciences.

The initial versions of the HHS mandate have already been the subject of multiple lawsuits from colleges and businesses that will be forced to comply because the HHS rules have very limited exceptions.

Network Releases Statement on Pat Robertson’s Controversial Advice to Cheated-On Women

The Christian Broadcasting Network on Friday released a statement clarifying televangelist Pat Robertson’s suggestion that cheated-on woman should stop “talking about the cheating.”

“As a first step in the process, Dr. Robertson stated that she should stop dwelling on the cheating. Next, he recommended that she remind herself of all the reasons she fell in love with him in the first place so that she might try to fall back in love with him all over again.”

FBI Releases Higher Quality, ‘Up Close’ Images of Boston Marathon Suspects

In a further appeal for the public’s help, the FBI overnight posted new, higher resolution images of the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects. This even as law enforcement officials were engaged in firefights in Cambridge and then Watertown, Mass.

In the newly released photos, the man the FBI refers to as “Suspect 1” can be seen clearly wearing a black baseball cap, a white t-shirt and a black or dark gray hooded jacket.