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All in the Family Jihad: Father takes five sons to join Syrian rebels

The family that prays together, slays together! Righteous. Abu knows best! No worries, as thousands of jihadis descend on Syria from Europe, Africa, the US and Canada, media and political elites remain focused on “islamophobia.” That there is the real terror ….. not fathers like Ahmed. Family jihad: father takes five sons to join Syrian rebels By…
Atlas Shrugs

‘Horror on both sides’: French mag runs photo of Syrian rebels beheading ‘pro-regime militiaman’ [graphic pic]

The French magazine Paris Match is running a shocking video of what are reported to be rebels beheading a man who is either a pro-Assad militiaman, or was “merely” accused of not supporting the rebel opposition.


New York Times Publishes Piece on the ‘Dilemma’ of Supporting Syrian Rebels, Complete With Horrific Execution Video

As the Obama administration pushes American intervention in Syria in the wake of the reported use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, many are concerned about the prospect of aiding the violent Islamists that make up a significant percentage of the rebel forces.

For months, Blaze readers have seen accounts of the horrific violence perpetrated by the rebels, from the apparent execution of Syrian truck drivers for the “crime” of not being Sunni Muslims, to purported video of the rebels executing children who supported Bashar al-Assad and a Syrian rebel cutting out the heart of his enemy and eating it.

Syrian Rebels Plunged Into Disarray After Opposition President Abruptly Quits

(TheBlaze/AP) — Syria’s opposition plunged into disarray Sunday as its president quit and its military chief refused to recognize the newly elected (and former Texan) prime minister of an interim government for rebel-held areas.

The moves reflect deep splits in the body that the U.S. and its allies hope will emerge as the united face of the opposition and advance the fight to topple President Bashar Assad’s regime.