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National Rifle Association Launches National “Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg” Campaign

Releases TV Ad Highlighting Bloomberg’s Hypocrisy and Arrogance   Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association today launched a national campaign aimed at exposing Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom agenda. The “Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg” campaign kicks off with a national television advertisement titled “Insult”.  “Insult” is the fir…

‘Is this for freaking real??’ Montana’s Dem Senate hopeful is a piece of work [video]

“Nice pick, Montana Democrats!”
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‘Real moms don’t demand action, they take it’: Holly Fisher supporters tell why #IStandWithHolly

“Anyone want to see a REAL #WarOnWomen?”
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Easy Archive Recovery is the real panacea to the problem of corrupted and damaged archives.

Easy Archive Recovery serves as a great data recovery program that works specifically with ZIP and RAR archives. It’s capable of restoring all types of RAR and ZIP, created in any known type of compression tools, such…
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‘Is this real life?’ Hillary Clinton’s nonsensical #BringBackOurGirls tweet blasted with brutal truth

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PETA shames first lady for use of real eggs in White House Easter egg roll [video]

“You’re better than this.”
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The Real War on Women: The Link Between Abortion and Breast Cancer

Hot on the heels of the new systematic review and meta-analysis of the abortion-breast cancer (ABC link) in China published by Dr. Yubei Huang last November and reviewed in NRL News Today in December, comes yet another blockbuster study from the Asian subcontinent. On Christmas Eve, a study by A.S. Bhadoria et al. of the […]…

Report: Liz Cheney dropping U.S. Senate bid; ‘Real journalist’ offers objective analysis

In July of last year, Liz Cheney announced a primary challenge against Wyoming Republican Sen. Mike Enzi. According to CNN and confirmed by others, Cheney is ending that challenge. First on #CNN: Liz Cheney to abandon Senate bid. cnn.it/1gaOFnv—   (@CNN) January 06, 2014 Liz Cheney to drop out of Senate race, two GOP officials […]<...
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That’s Right. Ron Burgandy Has Now Officially Anchored a Real Newscast.

“Amber, you look lovely tonight.”

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This extremely realistic F1 Racing 3D Screensaver is a real treat for all the people who like speed and fast cars.

This extremely realistic F1 Racing 3D Screensaver is a real treat for all the people who like speed and fast cars. The most skillful F1 drivers will battle each other for the Grand Prix on your desktop. The graphics, animation, sound effects and music are absolutely outstanding!

It’s just like watching a TV broadcast but it really is an awesome screensaver that you can put on your monitor. See the world’s best racing action on your own desktop!

Easy Archive Recovery is the real panacea to the problem of corrupted and damaged archives.

Easy Archive Recovery is a marvelous tool for recovering both ZIP and RAR archive types. It supports files, created in RAR, WinRar, WinZip, PKZIP, InfoZip, 7-Zip and other popular utilities. The files can be deleted or damaged, the storage device can be formatted but your files can still be recovered.

‘Real grassroots engagement’: Conservative informs low-info voters with impromptu Obamacare tutorial

Conservative Heather Boulware did what we wish more Republican politicians would do — explain clearly and simply how Obamacare is failing and why it’s bad for Americans. And she did it all while waiting at a bus stop, to regular, everyday Americans.

‘I’d retweet this for days!’ Iowahawk has winning world view, offers women real choice

Game. Over. Iowahawk wins the Internet once again. Sheesh! He’s going to run out of room for his trophies!

Hey, why not? Gold never gets old.

Iowahawk also slammed the pitiful and impotent United Nations.

When 19 Men Die Fighting a Terrible Fire, This Is the Way a Real Community Responds

The CrossFit fitness community showed the power of unity and compassion by stepping up to help the families of the 19 firefighters who perished earlier this summer while battling a wildfire in Yarnell, Ariz.

Athletes and enthusiasts associated with the popular exercise movement gathered Saturday in Prescott for a special benefit event for the families, the Hotshots Memorial Workout.

‘Real’ Carlos Danger emerges from Twitter hypersleep

Class was in short supply today as Anthony Weiner convened yet another apology press conference to address the online exploits of his sexting alter ego, “Carlos Danger.” Leave it to the “real” Carlos Danger, then, to emerge from more than three years of Twitter sleep to clear his name with a stylish Shakespearean reference.