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Rolling Stone Pulls Controversial Michael Bloomberg Article

Rolling Stone has removed an article about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that has drawn criticism from Colorado Republicans. In the article, titled “Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Afraid of the NRA,” the former mayor says some of the state’s districts are so “rural” that they may not have roads….

Gov. Bobby Jindal pulls support of Common Core at #RLC2014

Common Core didn’t have many backers at the Republican Leadership Conference Thursday. Gov. Bobby Jindal, a one-time supporter, was met with reportedly the most enthusiastic round of applause of the night when he declared that he now opposes Common Core. “I am for standards. I am for our kids learning,” Jindal told the audience. &#8…
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Firefighter Pulls Dying Woman From Horrific Christmas Eve Car Crash – Then His Life Was Changed Forever

A tragic twist of fate…

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Bruce Carroll pulls a Judd, will not challenge Lindsey Graham

It’s bad enough that Ashley Judd has decided not to run for Senate, and now Bruce Carroll, the tweeter formerly known as @GayPatriot, has announced, as scheduled, that he will not challenge GOP squish Lindsey Graham in 2014. Disappointed followers are taking the news with a dash of humor.

Journal News pulls map of gun permit holders

The Journal News has pulled from its website its interactive map of gun permit holders in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties, but publisher Janet Hasson wants readers to know that the decision was not a reaction to the controversy but a move to comply with New York’s sweeping new gun regulations.

U.S. Soldier Pulls Off Two Surprises at His Kids

After being deployed in Afghanistan for 9 months, a soldier pulls off two surprise reunions for his kids. First, he drops in on his daughter at cheerleading practice, and then on to see his son, about to play his first high school football game.
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