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Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False

It’s long been a predictable pattern. A state or locality relaxes its restrictions on carrying firearms and doesn’t devolve into the anarchy gun opponents predicted. The latest example comes from Mississippi, where last year a change in the law, and a Mississippi Supreme Court ruling, ensured that law-abiding residents could exercise their ri…

Alan Grayson wants Dems on Benghazi committee in order to prove it a ‘scandal that never was’

“Perfect opponent to Gowdy.”
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Two Drunk Women Prove Once Again That Live TV Is Always a Gamble

“That’s a little bit of the adventure of live television, everybody.”

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Ann Coulter posts photo of herself with Santa to prove he’s still white

She’s dreaming of a white Christmas.
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Oldest Homework Excuse in the Book Turns Out to Be True – and Eighth-Grader Has Her Dog’s X-Rays to Prove It

“I woke up one morning and I came down to my desk and it was just all over the floor. I was very scared.”

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Chuck Todd echoes Harry Reid, says Boehner must prove he isn’t a liar with a vote

Harry Reid says he doesn’t believe House Speaker John Boehner when he says he doesn’t have the votes to pass a continuing resolution bill to fund the entire government.

Noted Obama fanboy Chuck Todd chimes in, echoing Reid’s sentiment.

Bro-Choice Men Prove Abortion is the Ultimate Exploitation of Women

Abortion advocates like to phrase the ongoing legal battles over abortion as a “war on women,” but is it really?

Most women don’t identify as pro-abortion. At least half of all American women, if not slightly more than half, are pro-life. Abortion is in no way an issue where all women walk in lockstep. And really, is it women who benefit most from abortion being free and legal on demand? Hardly. The people who have the most to gain from keeping abortion legal at all times are slimeball men.

It’s Official: Area 51 Really Does Exist (Here’s the Map to Prove It)

The CIA has finally admitted that Area 51 exists, according to newly released documents — but the mysterious facility is apparently nothing like what you’ve seen in Hollywood movies and on conspiracy theory websites about aliens.

According to the documents, which reportedly include a map of the base’s actual location in the Nevada desert, Area 51 was only a test site for the U.S. government’s U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs. Well, that kind of explains where the UFO theories came from.