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Photo Watermark is professional watermarking program for protect online photo’s copyright.

Photo Watermark Software lets you protect your ownership rights by watermarking your images. With the brand-new Photo Watermark Software, you can add text, signature, logo, etc to all of your images. Watermarks will scale …
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WonderFox Document Manager is an all in one documents management program.

WonderFox Document Manager is a versatile and easy-to-use documents management program. It can help you manage and back up your documents with few clicks, instead of searching and backing them up one by one. And you can also en…
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Easy File Undelete is a program for undeleting files on any type of storage.

Easy File Undelete is a program for undeleting files on any type of storage. The program supports recovering Recycle Bin deleted files, Shift-Deleted files and formatted data. It’s a Windows application, suitable for NTF…
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‘Shockingly ignorant’: Toolbag Touré calls jobs ‘an ineffective anti-poverty program’

Touré said something ignorant? This we’ve gotta see: @blackrepublican What is the Republican anti poverty program?— Touré (@Toure) January 14, 2014 To call "jobs" an anti poverty program is like sayin "they need more money." No kidding they need jobs. Also: many already have jobs plural.— Touré (@Toure) …
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Project Dogwaffle Howler is a paint program like no other!

A paint program like no other. Project Dogwaffle Howler lets you paint with a large number of natural media styles as well as unique medias like particle foliage, animated brushes and more. Tablet devices are fully supported.Giveaway of the Day

Canada: Firearms advocates want complete rundown on federal program costs

With the controversial long-gun registry abolished, the National Firearms Association wants to know if the rest of the federal firearms program is delivering good bang for the buck.And the group is urging the federal government’s Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to initiate a study into the costs and effectiveness of Canada…

Hard Drive Inspector for Notebooks is a powerful, effective and easy-to-use program that monitors hard drive health.

Imagine how you would feel if you suddenly lost all the data from your computer. Documents, e-mails, addresses, accounts. Passwords, photos, music, and video. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what will ha…
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Iran agrees to ‘dial back’ nuclear program

@markknoller dial back? Is that like halting, but in a moving sort of way?— Paul Oliu (@PMOliu) November 24, 2013 It sounds like it. According to a fact sheet from the White House:  The initial, six month step includes significant limits on Iran’s nuclear program and begins to address our most urgent concerns including Iran’s [……
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Photo Watermark is professional watermarking program for protect online photo’s copyright.

Photo Watermark is easy-to-use photo watermark software which can be an alternative to Photoshop, providing professional photo protection solutions for your digital photos. It’s the best effective way to protect your photo’s copyright and help promote your brand as well.

Key features:

  • Add watermark (text, image) to photo;
  • Add cool frame to touch up photo;
  • Crop, resize and rename the photos in batch;
  • Create new text and image layer;

Apowersoft Streaming Audio Recorder is an all-around program to record audio from both your computer’s sound card and microphone.

Apowersoft Audio Recorder can help you to record audio from Windows and Mac easily. This tool will enable you to record audio from any source which ranges from online videos to stream music.

Besides it can also automatically get the ID3 tags information like title, artist, album, genre and release year for your music files. Of course, if it fails to get the correct ID3 tags, you can add or edit ID3 tags manually with its inbuilt ID3 Tag Editor.

Leawo Music Recorder is a decent but easy to use music recording software program that helps you record any audio it could capture.

Leawo Music Recorder is a highly-praised audio recording software app that can help music lovers easily get music from any audio source for free. It can record music and audio from both computer audio and input audio from Realtek High Definition Audio, Realtek Digital Input, etc. Also, it can act as streaming audio recorder and online music recorder to record computer audio and online music of YouTube, AOL Music, Last.fm, iTunes Radio, BBC audio, Pandora music, etc.

Mike Rowe of ‘Dirty Jobs’ Unveils Exciting Scholarship Program Rooted in Hard Work – Read the Amazing ‘S.W.E.A.T. Pledge’ Students Must Take First

Mike Rowe, formerly of Dirty Jobs, appeared on TheBlaze TV’s “Wilkow!” Thursday night to discuss his exciting new scholarship program, the mikeroweWORKS Scholarship Fund. The goal is to get high school seniors ready to enter the workforce with the skills they need to land the jobs that are available in the U.S. — the key word being available.

If you have the MakeUp Pilot program, it means you have a cosmetic kit built into your computer.

MakeUp Pilot is a portrait software that allows you to apply makeup directly onto your photos. Don’t be upset if your skin doesn’t look perfect on a photo. If you have the MakeUp Pilot program, it means you have a cosmetic kit built into your computer.

Use it to retouch any spots on the skin (moles, warts, pimples, heat-spots, etc.). The program will make any photo into a perfect portrait to send to friends or save in the family album. With this makeup software you’ll be able to make your pictures look even better than they do!

Obama’s Homeland Security Nominee Under Fire for Alleged Inappropriate Influence in Cash-for-Visa Program

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama’s nominee to become the No. 2 official in charge of the Homeland Security Department urged government employees to decide more quickly whether to approve applications from foreign investors in a Las Vegas casino despite concerns about the source of the investment funds, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

APPS Abuse: The Sequel – Another NRA News Video Exposes Cal-DOJ’s Firearm Confiscation Program For What It Truly Is

After the success of its first video revealing some truths about the value of the California DOJ’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) program, Ginny Simone and NRA News have released a follow-up video containing an extended interview with former DOJ Special Agent, Greg Cameron, who has nothing good to say about the California DOJ gun seizure program in which he has participated.