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Is Harry Reid Involved? Seven Answers to Seven Questions You’re Probably Asking Right Now About the Nevada Rancher Situation

Bundy has produced no valid law or specific facts raising a genuine issue of fact regarding federal ownership.”

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Oh dear: ‘If you laughed at the Obamacare Pajama Boy, you’re probably a Nazi’

The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Stanley is being sarcastic, of course. The lengthy post at the Jewish Daily Forward to which he’s referring doesn’t quite accuse anyone of being a Nazi, but it does purport to examine the “right wing anger” at the Jewish star of OFA’s viral Obamacare ad. You know, the one starring Paja…
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When a 7-Year-Old Boy Was Hit in the Head While Playing Outside, His Parent’s Probably Didn’t Expect the Culprit to Be Out of This World

“I almost pulled a hamstring I ran out there so fast.”

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