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McAuliffe: Virginia should ban magazines, institute gun rationing, and criminalize private transfers

Apparently deterred neither by the recent and successful liberalization of state gun laws in Virginia nor by the clear message that Colorado voters sent to lawmakers earlier in the month, Virginian gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has added a gun-control plank to his campaign website.

Guess What Happened to This U.S. Rep’s Private Health Plan After He Opted Out of Obamacare (and He’s Not Alone)

When U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Col.) got the word that he could opt out of Obamacare or keep his current health-care plan — which you might be surprised to learn is a private plan — he took a road some might say is less traveled…and then hit a big pileup:

U.S. Rep. Cory Gardners Private Health Plan Cancelled After He Opts Out of Obamacare (and Hes Not Alone)

(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)

He breaks it down a bit more:

U.S. Rep. Cory Gardners Private Health Plan Cancelled After He Opts Out of Obamacare (and Hes Not Alone)

(Credit: Twitter via Twitchy)

Illinois criminalizes private sales

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed a gun control measure into law on Sunday that expands background checks to cover all firearms purchases in the state, closing what he said was a loophole that exempted gun sales between private parties.The new law also requires all gun owners to report any lost or stolen firearms to local police within 72 hours.

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Rep from Tea Party group: IRS asked for three years of private emails; ACLJ: 17 clients ‘ready to sue’


Members of the press were indeed in attendance at Thursday morning’s FreedomWorks presser with representatives from Tea Party groups harassed by the IRS.


Reps from the Tea Party orgs skewered the IRS and revealed some of the ways in which they were targeted.





More from the presser:






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