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Marine Surprises Son at Karate Practice

Marine Surprises Son at Karate PracticeJust home from his deployment in Afghanistan and Bahrain, Marine Maj. Mike Ortiz of Farmingvil…
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Make Sure You Have Tissues Handy Before You Watch This Navy Dad Stun His Daughter at Cheer Practice

These videos literally never get old.

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Beloved College Bus Driver Mysteriously Departs His Job. No One Knew Why. Now He’s Saying It’s Because of an Ancient Biblical Practice

Beloved bus driver Stan McNeil would regularly pray for and encourage the students on his route at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J., with high-fives and words of wisdom. So when news spread last week that he abruptly — and mysteriously — resigned from his position, students were understandably stunned.

Beloved College Bus Driver Breaks His Silence After His Mysterious Departure From Campus in Touching Video to Rutgers Students

Stan McNeil (Credit: YouTube)

After all, he was no ordinary bus driver. McNeil had a special relationship with his students — a bond that was built as a result of his ongoing quest to instill positivity in them.

U.S. Marine Surprises Little Sister at High School Graduation Practice

“My older brother, John, and I are very close he is absolutely my BEST friend! Johnny has been stationed in Okinawa, Japan since June of 2012. He was able to confirm early on that he wouldn’t be able to get leave to come home in May 2013 for my high school graduation. Of course it […]
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U.S. Army Sergeant Surprises Daughter During High School Choir Practice

Madison was singing with her school choir when she caught a glimpse of her dad for the first time in 9 months. Sergeant First Class Richard Willis got home over the weekend, but he wanted to surprise his daughter. So with roses in hand, he secretly arrived at her high school during her choir practice!
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Survive with Dry Practice

So, the ammo shelves in your favorite gun store are about empty are they? Well, try to be patient. The situation will change, eventually. In the meantime, however, your practice regimen has about gone to pieces. Why go to the range if you have nothing to shoot?

U.S. Marine Surprises His Brother During University of Illinois Basketball Practice

“Here is a piece that I edited about University of Illinois center, Meyers Leonard. It was produced/directed/shot by Matt Engel. Having a close relationship his entire life with big brother Bailey, Meyers was shocked when his brother, who was currently on duty as a U.S. Marine, flew to Illinois to surpise him and watch him […]

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U.S. Soldier Surprises Daughter During Volleyball Practice

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