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Univ. of Colorado Begins ‘Bold Experiment’ — Appoints Professor of ‘Conservative Thought and Policy’

University of Colorado Boulder Hires Conservative Professor Steven Hayward

This photo provided by University of Colorado-Boulder shows Steven Hayward. (Photo: AP)

The University of Colorado-Boulder is attempting a “bold” new experiment — hiring a professor of “conservative thought and policy.”

Appointed to a one-year term beginning this fall, Dr. Steven Hayward joins the university thanks in part to over $ 1 million in private funds donated to the cause.

Univision tweets its immigration policy bias

Spanish-language network Univision will interview President Obama about his immigration pander plan tomorrow. We assume the anchors will pose as objective, neutral questioners. But the above tweet from the network reveals a rather biased, and rather shallow, perspective on the topic.

So most of us came from somewhere else.


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