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Romania: Largest-Ever Pro-Life March for Life Will Take Places in 40 Cities

This year, almost 40 Romanian cities will see the fourth edition of the March for Life, the biggest yet both in participation and reach. This year’s theme is “Adoption, the noble choice”, promoting adoption, as the natural solution to protect children born by mothers in difficulty, whose families cannot assume the responsibility of raising a …

Louisville Abortion Clinic Known as One of the Worst Places to Get an Abortion

Louisville, KY (LiveActionNews) –Kentucky’s sole abortion clinic is known as one of the worst places in the country to get an abortion.  It’s not because women are routinely being seriously wounded, as they were in Gosnell’s “House of Horrors,” or because baby body parts are washing up through the sewers outside the clinic, as they…

Kansas: A.G. issues opinion on concealed carry law at polling places

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is offering guidance on how the state’s concealed carry law applies to buildings used as polling places on election days….

This Map Shows the ‘Riskiest’ Places in the World

So the good news is that threat of domestic political violence in the U.S. is extremely low, according to the latest Terrorism and Political Violence risk map from Aon, a risk management firm and insurance broker.

The bad news is that terrorism is still a real threat to America.

In Europe, “the overall risk levels in France and Spain are actually equivalent to China and Russia, presumably on the basis of the former countries’ recent, heated demonstrations protesting austerity,” Business Insider’s Rob Wile notes.