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British NHS May Keep New Drugs, Medicine From Elderly Patients

The UK may soon tighten its health care rationing to prevent new medicines from getting to the elderly. From the Telegraph story: New drugs would only be licensed for the NHS if they help those judged to be a benefit to wider society under proposals from the health watchdog. Pharmaceutical firms on Thursday night warned […]…

CNN Pushes for Declaring Patients “Brain Dead” Without Second Doctor’s Opinion

This is a good example why people are losing trust in the health care system. Over at CNN, medical producer Stephanie Smith writes a story arguing that we should do away with second opinions in determining brain death. From, “Repeat Exams for Brain Death Bad for Organ Donation:” For brain dead patients, a second examination to declare death …

U.K. Hospital Accused of Something So Disturbing Involving Patients Even Some Guards Allegedly Refused to Participate

“In many cases we are talking about patients known as ‘bed blockers’, elderly people unable to return home or with no residential care unit to go to.”

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Doctor Assisted Suicide? Nope! Activists Want Netherlands to Allow Anyone to Kill Patients

Euthanasia isn’t about using medical means to end suffering. Rather, activists ultimately believe that there is a fundamental right to suicide, including using any method the self-destructive person desires to exercise the choice to end all choices. Suicide activists, most of whom are not known for their candor, seek to shield their ultimate age…

Study: Patients Supposedly in “Vegetative” State “Not Just Aware But Paying Attention”

We have written dozens of stories the common theme of which is that patients diagnosed in a “persistent vegetative state” or “minimally conscious” are either (a) misdiagnosed or (b) much more aware than they are given credit for. Terri Schindler Schiavo captured our hearts and our imaginations but she was by no means the only person starved and dehydrated to death based on a bogus diagnosis of PVS.

Ex-Planned Parenthood Employee: Clinic Saw Patients as Toilets Flooded It With Feces

“Why do Planned Parenthood’s abortion centers get all the money while non-abortion centers fall apart?”

Lola* knew the answer to her question but was using it to educate me about the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Planned Parenthood clinic that she, along with several other staff members, recently quit in disgust.

Lola emailed me a couple days ago, having learned about my blog, ironically enough, from bosses who mocked it during meetings. “We read your stuff and thought you were all crazy,” Lola said. “But not any more.”

“Death Panels” Are Euthanizing Patients Every Day as Doctors Make Treatment Decisions

Former Governor Sarah Palin, whether it was intentional or not, certainly began the discussion on end of life issues when she referred to “death panels” in a 2009 debate about federal health care legislation to cover the uninsured in the US.

Governor Palin was referring to death panels in the context of government officials making life and death decisions if/when the government took over our health care system.

“Unnecessary Test” Saved George W. Bush’s Life, Obamacare May Ration it For Other Patients

New information indicates that former President George W. Bush’s life may recently have been saved because of a diagnostic test that would likely have been prevented by the sort of limits Obamacare “quality measures” will impose.

According to an October 11th National Journal piece, “George Bush’s Close Call,” Tom DeFrank writes,

Patient’s Night Gets Even Worse After Armed Man Steals the Ambulance He Was Being Transported In

Perhaps the only thing worse than needing an ambulance is being inside of one when a car thief steals it.

And that’s exactly what Pennsylvania police had to deal with Friday when Brian Timothy Kada Jr., 25, of Florida used a gun to carjack an ambulance stuck in traffic.

Kada kicked the two EMTs out of the van but apparently didn’t check to see if anyone else was in it before taking off:

Killing MS Patients Via Assisted Suicide to Harvest Their Organs?

A Huffington Post report from the US about a terminally ill Michigan woman who wants to die by assisted suicide so she can donate her organs is most disturbing.

We’ve reported earlier on organ harvesting in Belgium associated with acts of euthanasia, seemingly now an accepted practice:

Belgium becomes world leader in organ removal after euthanasia.

Belgian euthanasia: off the moral cliff

Remembering When an Abortionist Carved His Initials Into Patient’s Abdomen

Although not widely known, there is a long and sordid history of bizarre behavior by abortionists. In other words, Kermit Gosnell is by no means an “outlier,” as pro-abortion groups insist he is.

The following appeared in the May 2000 edition of National Right to Life and is the latest in our year-long “Roe at 40” series where we reproduce some of the best stories from NRL News going back to its origins in 1973. If you are not a subscriber, call us at 202-626-8828.