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Marine surprises injured soccer player sister at her sweet 16 party

sweet 16This injured soccer player was in for a big surprise when her Marine brother showed up to surprise her for her sweet 16 party.Welcome Home Blog

Are Ferguson riots comparable to the Boston Tea Party? All these people think so

“If you continue to call the looters ignorant then stop calling The Boston Tea Party patriots.”
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Soldier Surprises Kids at Birthday Party

Soldier Surprises Kids at Birthday PartyMy husband was gone for 9 months deployment to Afghanistan. The kids had no idea their dad was…
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‘Frat party’ POTUS offered weed, fist bumps gorilla [pics, video]

President Clown Show
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Soldier Dresses Up as Batman, Surprises Son at His Birthday Party

Our son had his 4th birthday coming on June 8th and all he wanted was for batman and his daddy to be there. My husband is deployed to Afghanistan for 12 months, so he received 2 weeks of R&R in which we used to surprise our children with his visit and to make sure he […]Welcome Home Blog

Soldier Surprises Girlfriend at Fraternity Party

Soldier Surprises Girlfriend at Fraternity PartySoldier returns from a 9 month tour in Afghanistan surprise his girlfriend in front of …
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Airmen Surprises Sister and Niece During Birthday Party

Airmen Surprises Sister and Niece During Birthday PartyOn May 16th, I, A1C Hamilton, surprised my sister by coming home from Tech Scho…
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‘Irony is thy name’: Party of ‘Clinton, Fulner, Kennedy’ warns against GOP ‘Mad Men’ era policies

Suggested reading.
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‘That’s pretty low’: Sen. John Cornyn dismisses suggested Tea Party challenger with snide remark

Do not question the “establishment”!
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AP: Tea Party favorite Ben Sasse wins Senate nomination

The Associated Press has called the Nebraska primary for Midland University president Ben Sasse. A Tea Party favorite, Sasse had the backing of Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Scott Walker and Sarah Palin, who called him “the sharpest, most energetic and prepared candidate in this extremely important race.” AP calls Nebraska Senate GOP primary for …
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Is that a threat? Cher declares Tea Party a ‘plague on mankind,’ ends tweet with a bomb

Can you feel the love?
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‘Awesomeness’: Subaru dealer takes on union bullies with ‘dance party’ that will make you smile [video]

Winner of this dance-off? Subaru of Wichita. Again.
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Charlotte, N.C. Mayor Patrick Cannon resigns; AP still keeping party affiliation close to the vest; Updated

The omissions continue
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Tea Party Patriots finally receives IRS letter

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin has big news: it looks as though the group has finally received some closure from the IRS … after three years and a couple of election cycles. @jennybethm @TPPatriots Well, I'll be damned. Miracle do happen!— Dana (@Grandbulldoggie) March 14, 2014 @jennybethm @TPPatriots Good for you all!…
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Republican Party Chair: We Need to Do More to Reach Out to Pro-Life Voters

RNC chair Reince Priebus met with bloggers today at CPAC and said he was pleased by the reaction the GOP received from the pro-life movement about his decision to postpone January’s RNC meeting in favor of attending the March for Life. He said the reaction prompted him to want to push to do more to […]…

Tea Party Express reveals its own CPAC ‘Oscar selfie’ [Photoshop]

Say cheese!
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Tea Party falls to incumbents in Texas midterms

It’s been a rough day in Texas for the Tea Party, where incumbent Rep. Pete Sessions handily held off Tea Party rock star Katrina Pierson, and Sen. John Cornyn did the same with Rep. Steve Stockman. https://twitter.com/FixSean/status/441028049757564928 https://twitter.com/MJosephSheppard/status/441044303347859456 https://twitter.com/GayPatri…
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