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I’ve Got The World on an Open Thread

Frank Sinatra Greatest Hits 2014 (Full Album) ★ The Best Of Frank Sinatra. What a world, what a life. What a man. Two hours of Frank. It doesn’t get any better….
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

An Hour of The Master Live on an Open Thread

I just cain’t hep myself. I just can’t get enough of the greatest. Time to chill. Shaken not stirred. The scat on Basin Street. Whoa. Louis Armstrong – Live 59′ FULL Belgium 1959 Trumpet, Vocal: Louis Armstrong Clarinet: Peanuts Hucko Trombone: Trummy Young Piano: Billy Kyle Bass: Mort Herbert Drums: Danny Barcelona Vocal: V…
Pamela Geller, Atlas Shrugs

‘Open Scary Not Welcome': Protesters target ‘lily white’ open carry march in St. Louis

The mayor urged “polite disinterest.”
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Colorado: UPDATE on Castle Rock Open Carry Vote

Yesterday, the unofficial results of the Castle Rock special election were announced.  Referendum A, which prohibits the town manager from banning the open carrying of firearms in public parks, passed by 50.8%.  Referendum B, which requires a town vote before local officials are allowed to alter gun laws in Castle Rock, passed by 78%….

Mississippi Yawning: One Year Later, Dire Open Carry Predictions Prove False

It’s long been a predictable pattern. A state or locality relaxes its restrictions on carrying firearms and doesn’t devolve into the anarchy gun opponents predicted. The latest example comes from Mississippi, where last year a change in the law, and a Mississippi Supreme Court ruling, ensured that law-abiding residents could exercise their ri…

Rep. John Lewis declares his support for unfettered borders: ‘Our doors are open’

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Oregon: UPDATE on Efforts to Ban Open Carry in Ashland

In February, your NRA alerted you that the Ashland City Council was making another attempt to limit open carry in the city limits.  At the time, the City Council was aiming to restrict the possession of a loaded firearm in public in Ashland, despite the fact that it is legal to openly carry an unconcealed firearm in public in the state of Oregon….

Long-gun Open Carriers Haven’t Learned From Past Mistakes

Two long-gun open carriers in Dallas put Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle in a no-win situation this past weekend, resulting in the chain deciding Monday to follow Starbucks’ lead in asking gun owners to leave their guns at home…

Open Carry Texas helps debunk story that ‘terrified’ Jack in the Box employees locked themselves in freezer

A spokesperson for Jack in the Box confirmed that no one hid in the freezer.
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‘Open arms and eager taste buds’! Ted Cruz invites Sriracha company to Texas

“Oh heck yeah.”
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Sisters Close Eyes, Open Them to Find Military Dad Home From Deployment

Welcome Home Blog

‘An Open Declaration That Reality Doesn’t Matter’: White House Releases Obama’s Latest Budget Proposal

“The president’s budget is yet another disappointment because it reinforces the status quo.”

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Guitar Tuner Open C 1.0

Helps guitarists tune by ear and start playing in Low C for a new sound. 2014-01-19…
20 Newest Free Software Downloads – Freeware Files.com

Pot Found in His Car, An Open Booze Bottle, Strip Club Allegations — Just One Night from Powerful Detroit Councilman’s Wild Week

“Go straight to hell.”

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A Spell on an Open Thread

I It’s time for my Friday night open music thread. New York City is as cold as the Clinton marriage. So let’s heat things up a bit. Nina Simone sings I Put a Spell on You . That’ll send the right kind of shiver up your spine….
Atlas Shrugs

Way down on an open thread

Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis ….. all Louis all the time. Pure genius, pure American, pure joy ….. an original. Amazon.com Widgets…
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Mississippi Attorney General Opinion Clarifies Municipalities’ & Counties’ Authority To Regulate Open And Concealed Carry

Last week, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood (D) issued an opinion affirming that the state’s firearms preemption statute limits cities’ and counties’ authority to enact and enforce ordinances restricting open carry and concealed carry, except under limited circumstances, but also upholds their right to post signs prohibiting permit holders …