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Sisters Close Eyes, Open Them to Find Military Dad Home From Deployment

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‘An Open Declaration That Reality Doesn’t Matter’: White House Releases Obama’s Latest Budget Proposal

“The president’s budget is yet another disappointment because it reinforces the status quo.”

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Guitar Tuner Open C 1.0

Helps guitarists tune by ear and start playing in Low C for a new sound. 2014-01-19…
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Pot Found in His Car, An Open Booze Bottle, Strip Club Allegations — Just One Night from Powerful Detroit Councilman’s Wild Week

“Go straight to hell.”

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A Spell on an Open Thread

I It’s time for my Friday night open music thread. New York City is as cold as the Clinton marriage. So let’s heat things up a bit. Nina Simone sings I Put a Spell on You . That’ll send the right kind of shiver up your spine….
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Way down on an open thread

Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis, Louis ….. all Louis all the time. Pure genius, pure American, pure joy ….. an original. Amazon.com Widgets…
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Mississippi Attorney General Opinion Clarifies Municipalities’ & Counties’ Authority To Regulate Open And Concealed Carry

Last week, Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood (D) issued an opinion affirming that the state’s firearms preemption statute limits cities’ and counties’ authority to enact and enforce ordinances restricting open carry and concealed carry, except under limited circumstances, but also upholds their right to post signs prohibiting permit holders …

Hanukkah Hey ya! on an open thread

A little something different for my Friday night open thread — in celebration of Chanukah. Pure happiness — it’s who we are as a people. This video was filmed on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem….
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Open Carry: An Informal Survey

Open carry is legal in many places. Sheriff Jim wants to know if you approve of openly carrying firearms or not….
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“Open Your Hearts to Life” Video Honors Pope Francis’ Pro-Life Outreach

The U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops has produced a new video honoring the pro-life spirit and mission Pope Francis has had thus far since becoming the leader of the Catholic Church. “Open Your Hearts to Life! Pope Francis reaches out to the weakest and most vulnerable — “masterpieces of God’s creation” — in h…

Perfect for an Open Thread

Tonight's Friday night music thread is Perfect Day, Lou Reed and Luciano Pavarotti. Perf.

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Doing it right on a open thread

Bombshell Peggy Lee with the Dave Barbour Quartet performing 'Why Don't You Do Right?" She is all that. No, really. Very sexy, tough, smart, and that ….. sultry purr that inevitably became her trademark. My kind of broad. She survived a very difficult childhood, losing her mother by the age of four and being forced to endure both an alchoholic father and an abusive stepmother until she could escape at 17.

Love. her.

Django’s open thread

Django, a whole album — cray cray. This is … happiness.

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Keep Your Eyes Open

Recent tragedies should serve as a reminder to us all that there is no place where we are truly safe. Military installations, courthouses, schools, churches and just about every other place you can think of have been scenes of senseless violence. And to come home, lock the doors and think we are protected from all the bad things in the world is probably the most foolish idea of all.

Swing and a Miss: Anti-Gunners Strike Out In Their Bid to Block Open Carry Law

On March 4, 2013, Governor Phil Bryant (R) signed Mississippi House Bill 2 into law.  Among other things, this legislation clarified Mississippi law regarding the open carrying of firearms.  Specifically, it limited the state’s prohibition on the unlicensed carrying of handguns and certain other weapons to situations in which the item is “concealed on or about one’s person ….”  It also defined “concealed” to mean “hidden or obscured from common observation” and further explained that a “loaded or unloaded pistol carried upon the person in a … holster that is wholly or partially visible” does not fall within the prohibition on carrying concealed weapons.  The bill contained additional amendments that clearly established that the open carrying of a holstered handgun is not, in itself, a violation of law.