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Unmasked: ‘I’d f**k a senator’; Pro-aborts exploit kids to advocate for killing ‘unwanted’ ones [pic]

Repugnant. That is exactly what pro-abortion advocates believe. Now, while protesting at the Texas Capitol, they are continuing to exploit their own children to advocate for the killing of “unwanted” children. When they aren’t too busy exposing themselves further with chants of “Hail Satan,” natch.

The sickening line is being tweeted by “feminists.”

Is It Acceptable To Out the Mother or Father of One’s Aborted Child?

Former tennis champion Jimmy Connors is taking heat for outing the abortion of his 70s girlfriend and tennis champion Chris Evert in his new autobiography, The Outsider.

From a May 20 Slate article by abortion proponent Amanda Marcotte entitled, “Jimmy Connors is woefully out of line on Chris Evert’s abortion”: