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Joe Biden: I’d Support Community Colleges Even if I Didn’t Sleep With a Professor Every Night

“The same one, the same one.”

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Take Up Your Cross: How One Night Started a Pro-Life Youth Revolution

One August night in 1987 four young men stood on a stage and sang these lyrics: “the murder goes unseen, does only God and my heart hear the babies’ silent scream?” In the crowd was a young man who only one week before had given his life to Christ after years of drug abuse and […]…

Amsterdam By Night by Nick Boersen

Nick Boersen is a semi-professional photographer from The Netherlands and 55 years young. The photos in this series have all been taking in Amsterdam at nightfall. Nick has tried to capture Amsterdam without it’s people and most of the images are [...]…

Vice President Joe Biden guests on ‘Late Night’; Seth Meyers bombs

He’s vice president, not president, so being second in line is just part of the job. Vice President Joe Biden was the second guest on the inaugural broadcast of “Late Night with Seth Meyers” late Monday night. What's that say about the Vice President of the United States when he's not even the first guest […] Twitchy » US Politics

Exclusive Photo: NASA’s First Night Launch of 2014

Atlas V rocket streaks across the sky!

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Pot Found in His Car, An Open Booze Bottle, Strip Club Allegations — Just One Night from Powerful Detroit Councilman’s Wild Week

“Go straight to hell.”

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Saturday Night Cinema: Stalag 17

Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema is a vastly entertaining comedy-drama directed by the singular creative genius, Billy Wilder, one of my favorites. Wilder balances drama, satire and comedy in this roiling adventure. William Holden won his first and only Best Actor Oscar in this fascinating film in a POW camp. Bosley Crowther’s 1953 NY Times film rev…
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Enjoy the beautiful animated dynamic Christmas Night Wallpaper.

Who is waiting in the lovely creek side cabin on this snowy evening? They are staying nice as warm as you can tell from the animated smoke coming from the chimney. The creek gently flows while the snow continues to fall. All the Christma…
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Saturday Night Cinema: The Flight of the Phoenix

Tonight’s Saturday Night Cinema selection is the taut suspense thriller, The Flight of the Phoenix. This disaster film raises frightening questions about leadership when a planeload of men goes down in the middle of the Sahara desert in a devastating accident. It is an absorbing study of behavior under enormous pressure and the code of honor. “This…
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Lampoons Al Sharpton’s ‘Politics Nation’ Show

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Christian statues are being destroyed in Germany

Police are baffled – baffled I tell you. The same police that forced an apartment dweller to remove an Israel flag from their window because it offended Muslims and they fear Islamic outrage. Video thanks to Blazing Cat Fur….
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‘Saturday Night Live’ Hammers Mayor Rob Ford & ’60 Minutes’ in Cold Opening

Late night comedy show “Saturday Night Live” hammered Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and CBS’ embattled “60 Minutes” in a skit opening last night’s program.

The roughly 4-minute sketch featured actor Bobby Moynihan playing ford who appeared on a Canadian news program to discuss his recent drug use and its potential ramifications.

“So what do you have to say to the voters after this tumultuous week?” the reporter asked Ford.

Saturday Night Cinema: Frenzy

"The agony is exquisite" Vincent Canby, New York Times.

Tonight's Saturday Night Cinema classic is Hitchcock's Frenzy. This is one of Hitchcock's least appreciated films. Frenzy is a taut suspense film about a homicidal maniac, known as the Necktie Killer, who is terrorizing London. The wrong man is chased, arrested and convicted for the crimes.

Frenzy marked 3 kinds of return for Hitchcock: return to England after 20 years, return to form after some flops, and return to the kind of commercial film he's most clearly associated with.

Patient’s Night Gets Even Worse After Armed Man Steals the Ambulance He Was Being Transported In

Perhaps the only thing worse than needing an ambulance is being inside of one when a car thief steals it.

And that’s exactly what Pennsylvania police had to deal with Friday when Brian Timothy Kada Jr., 25, of Florida used a gun to carjack an ambulance stuck in traffic.

Kada kicked the two EMTs out of the van but apparently didn’t check to see if anyone else was in it before taking off:

Travel back in time and marvel at the glory and splendor of Ancient Rome by day and night!

nameTravel back in time and marvel at the glory and splendor of Ancient Rome by day and night. Take a glimpse of the magnificent Colosseum, the greatest amphitheater of antiquity. You’ll be charmed by the peace and serenity of the Eternal City as the night descends on its seven hills and the bright silent moon illuminates its graceful statues. Enjoy the beauty of Rome with its picturesque landscapes and architectural masterpieces.