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Television Networks Ignore Case of Utah Mother Accused of Killing Seven Babies

ABC, CBS, and NBC’s morning newscasts on Monday all omitted the arrest of a Utah woman, after the bodies of seven newborn babies were discovered in her house on Saturday. The Big Three morning shows did understandably devote a significant amount of air time to a white supremacist’s shooting rampage at two Jewish community centers [̷…

Are you ready for Mother Jones’ ‘amazing’ @ReadyForHillary art?

We don’t know if it’s amazing, but it’s a lot less creepy than the New York Times Magazine’s “Planet Hillary.” Remember that thing? But what’s the idea behind Mother Jones’ take? @patcaldwell @AdamParkhomenko @ReadyForHillary @MotherJones uhm..is this aimed at Sprouts viewers ?— Dennis Grote (@d…
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Mother of 16, With 6 Adopted Children, Shares Her Story of Life and Love

Adopted at age nine from an orphanage, Mary Ann Kuharski knows first-hand that adoption is a blessing to parents and children alike. After she and her husband had their first two children, they began to consider adopting children with special needs. Subsequently, they adopted six children domestically and abroad, and continued having children of th…

Indian Mother Gives Birth to Conjoined Twins, Baby Has Two Heads and One Body

An Indian mother too poor to be able to afford an ultrasound that could have prepared her beforehand, was surprised to give birth to conjoined twins. The child, weighing 7lbs 7oz was born on Tuesday at a local hospital. Doctors fear the baby, who has two heads, two necks and two spines but only one […]…

Watch a Brave Mother, 28, Confront the Teacher She Says Molested Her at Just 12-Years-Old – but the Story Doesn’t End There

“[S]he will never have to pay for the things that she did to me.”

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Pregnant Mother Attacked: “If It’s Up to Me You’re Not Going to Have the Child”

More than two dozens states provide justice and protection for pregnant women and unborn children with laws that allow prosecutors to charge criminals for two crimes when they kill and injure both a pregnant mother and her unborn child in the course of a violent crime outside the context of abortion. Without this law in […]…

Mother Cries Hysterically After Seeing U.S. Airman Son, Home from Deployment

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Mother of “Brain Dead” Teen Jahi McMath: My Daughter is Alive

Nailah Winkfield, the mother of Jahi McMath, the supposedly “brain dead” teenager who is just hours away from having a hospital revoke her life support, has released an open letter saying her daughter is alive. McMath’s family had found a new care facility that will continue her medical care and treatment. But the hospital she [……

Teen Mother: Don’t Have an Abortion, You’ll Never Regret It

In a moving video, a young mother shares the story of finding herself pregnant at just sixteen years old. Darby explains taking the at-home pregnancy test and being in a state of disbelief, almost as if the positive test were a joke. She shares: I didn’t really believe it was real still. You’re kind of, […]…

Mother Gives Birth, Wraps Her Baby in a Towel and Leaves Her to Die

For many Alaskans it was an unimaginable tragedy. An Eagle River woman allegedly gave birth to a baby girl, wrapped her in a towel, and left her to die under a bush in a public park. A resident walking his dog later found the deceased child. The young woman now finds herself charged with murder […]…

Mother Surprised on Thanksgiving Day By Returning Soldier Son, Home from Deployment

This awesome surprise just happened this past Thanksgiving Day! Welcome home…
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Returning Marine Rings Doorbells, Surprises Mother

“After 8 months in Afghanistan, my son got off the bus and drove 17 hours straight to get home to surprise me at my front door!” -Jenn P.
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Family’s Lawsuit Against Nursing Home to Starve Mother to Death Heads to Court

I have written about the Margot Bentley case before, and bring it up again because I think it may be the most important bioethical litigation now pending of which I am aware. At stake is whether a nursing home can be forced to starve a patient to death by withholding spoon feeding. From the Vancouver Sun blog […]…

Baby Boy Born After Brain-Dead Mother Kept Alive Three Months

A baby has been born in Hungary after a very rare circumstance in which his brain-dead mother was kept alive for three months so he could be born. As LifeNews has previously reported, in a case out of the United States from 2005, this kind of situation has occurred previously but is far from common.

In the Hungarian case, the baby boy’s mother, who is anonymous, was also an organ donor and gave her heart, pancreas, liver and two kidneys to patients who needed them.

Mother of Billionaire Andrew Forrest Tried to Cause an Abortion to Take His Life

drew Forrest is a Western Australian mining magnate and self-made billionaire who many say could launch a successful bid for Prime Minister if he decides to enter the world of politics someday. Forrest was born in Perth as the youngest of three children of Donald and Judith Forrest.