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Mock like the wind! Laura Ingraham, others slam gun-toting Obama Father’s Day pic

Egads! A gun?

The White House tweeted out that photo for Father’s Day.

The predictable All About Obama nonsense aside, what’s up with the gun?

Do not ban mocking, however. Mock! Mock like the wind!

Twitter delivers.


Twitter users also giggled madly at another White House-tweeted photo:

He’s you.


Never change, Twitter.

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Beclowned: Idiots mock Sen. Grassley for tweeting about Aplington, Iowa Memorial Day event

GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley tweeted this morning that his Memorial Day event at the Aplington cemetery in Iowa was canceled due to rain. He invited readers to his Facebook page to see his speech.

Some liberals and “real journalists” immediately mocked Grassley for confusing Aplington cemetery with Arlington National Cemetery. They even turned #Aplington into a derisive hashtag:

A quick Google search would have saved them the abject and total derpitude.

No, not the whole “Internet.” Just you goofs:


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